Friday, July 4, 2008

Because A Nice Shot Of Adrenaline Is Nothing If Not Conducive To Sleep.

Things at our house generally get pretty boring around 7:30pm. Our kids go to bed early. Earlier than any other kids I know. However, no matter what time we put them to bed they still get up at the crack of early so it just makes perfect sense to maximize their sleep time.

And my break time.

Whatever. Don't judge me.

They are usually in bed between 7 and 7:30 and we rarely hear a peep from them after that. They are awesome at bedtime and that is just fantastic because by the end of the day I don't have much patience left to give. I am, in a word, exhausted.

So, they go to bed and then I finish up some chores before hanging out with Matt in front of the TV for an hour or two.

And, this is where I would like to lift the DVR in a chorus of praise as I give thanks for its presence in our lives. When Drew was born, it quickly became clear to me (as it does to all parents) that our time and our schedule was no longer our own and was now under the control of an unreasonable dictator.

This is not conducive to starting American Idol on time.

Something had to give (and I just couldn't send that sweet baby back) so I told Matt we needed a DVR and I had done the research - it would only be $6 a month. It was practically free. Matt disagreed and said we didn't need it.

We watch a decent amount of TV around here though and I'm here to tell you that it wasn't him programming that awful VCR all the time. So, like any good wife who listens to her husband, I went to the cable company the next day and picked up the DVR.

Luckily, he later agreed that is was the best invention ever. We should actually get commission with all of the advertising we've done for that thing.

So, it would be nice if I could at least stay awake to enjoy the TV shows that the DVR so faithfully records for us. I'm usually good until about 8:30 or 9, but then I inevitably begin to fall asleep on the couch.

Matt is pretty nice about this, but it must drive him crazy.

I'll wake up asking about plot lines or wanting to rewind it "just a few minutes."

Last night, while watching So You Think You Can Dance (awesome show, my favorite) I kept falling asleep and then making him watch the dances over because I had missed him.

I had control of the remote so I could pretty much do what I want.

Towards the end of the show it was getting so bad that I was sitting straight up and slapping my cheeks to try and stay awake while the dancers did their solos to determine who would be voted off the show.

This is high drama, people.

I began to fast forward after the last solo and next thing I knew Matt yelled out "no way!" Seems I had fallen asleep with my finger on the fast forward button and it revealed who was leaving the show in a blurry mess.

Fallen asleep with my finger on the fast forward button.

Hey, it was a less painful way to find out that the judges totally got it wrong last night.

Ugh. I'm useless.

Anyway, stuff like this happens most nights. It finally gets so bad that Matt insists I just go to bed. Right before I go to sleep I usually check on the kids. I walk down their hall (half-asleep) and open their doors to make sure they are covered with their blankets and sleeping peacefully.

Looking at those precious sleeping faces is also a pretty great way to end the day. If I wasn't so darn tired I really could just stare at them for hours.

But, follow along my friends, I'm exhausted.

I opened Abby's door one night a while ago and this was my view -

I panicked. Where was my child? How could someone have taken her while we were sitting right in the next room? Will I ever see my baby again?

I can't even tell you all the awful things that went through my mind in those few seconds I stood frozen in her doorway. I really was scared.

Common sense finally kicked in and I took a few steps into the room and saw this -

That child has way too many pillows.

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