Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Nicest Thing.

Drew and Abby are blessed to have a wonderful father. Matt is very involved in their lives and he spends lots of quality time with them.

I say this because not all dads are quite as committed to the "big picture" and I think it's important for my kids and I to remember that our daddy is. By that I mean that not only is he an excellent provider for our family, but he gives 100% when he's at home too.

Every morning, Drew gets out of bed as soon as the light starts peeking through his window. At 6:15. Anyway, he used to come get in bed with me and snuggle until it was a more reasonable time to get up. Then one day I think he realized he could get some extra time with daddy in the morning if he went to his side of the bed. Now, Drew snuggles with daddy until it's time to get up. At first I was a little sad to lose my snuggle buddy, but then I realized how sweet it is that Drew wants that extra time with his daddy. And Abby's favorite thing to do with daddy before work is to "help" him shave. It's a good thing that Matt has a lot of patience and is much nicer than I am in the morning.

The kids are thrilled when he comes home at 5:30 each evening and they bombard him at the front door. Most guys (or me, if I worked outside the home) would want some time to change clothes or unwind before they joined the family for dinner. Not Matt. He lets the kids come help him put away his things and jump all over the room as they excitedly relate all the things they've done that day.

We eat dinner as a family right after that and then there's a little time to play before baths and bed. Matt spends this time of the evening playing, bathing kids, and reading books. He doesn't read the paper or play video games or watch TV. He's got an hour and a half before their bedtime and he always spends it with the kids.


The weekends are the same. Sure, there are things to do around the house, but for the most part, you'll find Matt with the kids. He rarely ever gets time alone (which I seem to find very necessary these days) and he's never out for a weekend with the boys. He WANTS to be with the kids because he misses them so much during the week.

What I love most about this is that Drew and Abby have no choice but to know how very much their daddy loves them. He doesn't just say it with words - he shows his love by the quality time he spends on the floor or outside playing with them - not just watching from the sidelines. He doesn't just provide for the family - he's willing to make the sacrifices that a family on a single income needs to make because he truly believes that it is best for me to stay home and be the one who takes care of them.

I guess what I'm saying is that Matt puts his values and beliefs into action and our family is reaping all of the benefits.

We picked Matt up from work yesterday so we could all go out to lunch together. It's a special treat for the kids to see daddy during the day and they loved it. We dropped Matt back at work after lunch and Abby was sad. "Why does daddy have to work? Why can't he come home with us?"

Drew said, "Don't worry, Abby. Daddy will be home for dinner. We'll see him then. And, he'll be home on Saturday and Sunday. Those are days for us."

So, it must have been on Drew's mind when he was going to bed last night. Matt later told me that when Drew came over for a hug and a kiss he said to him, "Daddy, I wish it was Saturday and Sunday."

And, when Matt told me about it last night, he had tears in his eyes.

He said it was the nicest thing Drew had ever said to him.

Because it was Drew's way of saying that what he wanted most was to spend time with his daddy.

And the reason it meant so much to Matt?

I'm guessing it's just because the feeling is mutual.


Anonymous said...

What lucky kids you have. Two amazing parents! I can only hope that my future kids will have such a loving and involved father as well.

Reading your blog is the great and positive way I choose to start my day.

Aunt Anna

Embracing my cup said...

Attentive and loving Daddys are a huge blessing!! They impact our children in so many ways!!

I just wanted to say, "hi!" and thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog. I had no idea my post would cause a rising up of the homeschool moms!! We have prayed about homeschooling so much, but we both feel that sending Joshua is the right thing for us right now! I just wanted to say thanks for your encouraging words. I appreciate them!!