Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Give It Up For The Goggles.

Word on the street (well, Aunt Anna's street at least) is that there are about 3 of you out there who check this thing each day and WANT ME TO POST MORE OFTEN, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. I'm hearin' you loud and clear, so here's a post full of pictures that you oh so desire...

The kiddos just finished swimming lessons a few weeks ago. I'm proud to announce that the lessons have finally paid off and my children can now swim! After spending 3 long, hot summers at the pool each day - this is very exciting news, indeed.

Last year, my kids did not want to put their heads in the water. They got very upset (read: furious) if their little faces got wet. I bought them goggles thinking that would help the situation.

They were quite insulted that I thought anything would make them want to put their faces in the water.

Here's Drew (last year) doing all he can to keep his head above water.

Is it me or is he smirking just a little?

When the instructor let him go to swim to the wall, he would just doggy paddle until he made it there or until she saved him - whichever came first.

Abby wasn't much better. I don't think she realized she had a choice about keeping her head up when the teacher pushed her towards the wall. She just kind of coasted until she got there and she was NOT happy when she reached that wall and her face was all wet.

But, she was so darn cute that I totally forgave all her complaints.

My friends were telling me that this would be the year that the kids would finally get it. My hopes were dashed after the first lesson when we had the same problem about putting their heads under water.

Luckily, this year, they were all about the goggles. They had seen some friends wearing them the week before and that seemed to make a huge difference. We made a big deal about their new goggles and they were very excited to try them out.

The next few weeks we saw huge improvements! And, there is no doubt in my mind that the goggles deserve all the credit.

The loved the kickboards -

Abby is still learning how to float, but Drew could do it all by himself!

Here is my little Drew fish -

And my Abby has perfect form -

I'm so proud of these guys - and so happy for them! They are having so much more fun when we go to the pool now. They LOVE to swim and they are tireless. They'll swim back and forth for as long as you let them. They love to jump in together and "race" to Mommy or Daddy and they play so well together while they are in the pool.

Going to the pool is now one of their favorite summer activities!

That is, as long as we don't forget the goggles!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to go swimming with them. I'm done with work on Aug 1 so maybe we can organize a pool trip sometime after that.

Give my babies kisses for me.

Aunt Anna

Tara said...

So cute. Jonah started lessons last Saturday. He's not quite there yet, and I imagine it will be a few more summers before he is! Something to look forward to, definitely.