Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A New Adventure

Well, here we go. I've wanted to create a blog for awhile now so I'm very excited. My sweet husband, Matt, is not such a fan of the whole "blog thing" but he came up with the name of my blog, nonetheless. "Honey, what should I name my blog?" I yelled from the other room. He said he would need 24 hours to come up with it. Then a few seconds later he nailed it - "Amy's Anecdotes." Our trusty dictionary defines an anecdote as "a short account of a particular incident or event of an interesting or amusing nature, often biographical. " Well, I don't know how short, interesting, or amusing any of this will be, but I'll give it my best shot!

There is much to say of the past, and I'm sure I'll address it all in good time, but for now I'll just start with our Memorial Day weekend. We didn't have any real plans but it turned out to be such fun! We decided to go to the Orlando Science Center on Sunday because we hadn't been in awhile and it is just blessedly hot here in Central Florida - so an "inside activity" sounded like a great idea. The kids (oh, have I mentioned them yet) - my Drew (3 years old) and my Abby Grace (2 years old) were very well-behaved and had a great time. We saw the dinosaurs, climbed the tree house, played at the water table, pushed all the fun science experiment buttons, saw the alligators and turtles - well, you get the idea. Anyway, we were on our way home after lunch and when we walked outside we saw what looked like a festival (turned out to be the fringe festival) going on right in front of us. There was a huge bounce house and the kids went straight for it - completely unbelieving of their good luck! After, we went inside and they were having a Pirate Party!! Perfect, since the most watched movie around here is Peter Pan and Drew is totally into pirates right now. There was so much to do. Both of them got swords (which Abby chose to decorate) and eye patches. Abby carefully picked out each bead to make a beautiful bracelet so Drew wanted to join in, but only put two beads on his (very manly). A crafty man made Drew a balloon sword and a balloon "belt thing" to go around his waist that he could put his sword into it. Next, we went off in search of pirates to fight, but as soon as we got close to one dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow Drew was a little scared so we headed for the car and home for naps. As we were leaving the area, it occurred to me what a great time we had, and it was something we didn't even know we would stumble upon. The kids were holding balloons, carrying swords, wearing eye patches and carefully-made bracelets - they were just bogged down with all this stuff that were really treasures to them! I had a feeling of contentment - this had been a great "family day" and they were so cute and having such a great time and just being kids as they explored all these fun and new things! Well it was this feeling of contentment that finally inspired me to share the little everyday things that make me happy. These two little joys in my life that make little things turn into grand new adventures!

Today is Memorial Day so we headed to Grandaddy's house (my father) for some more family time. Drew and Abby love to go to Grandaddy's house - there are ducks to feed, a pool to swim in, Taylor the dog to pet and chase, and lots of attention from aunts, uncles and grandparents to keep them occupied.
We did all of the above today and they had a fantastic time. Nessa (my stepmom) cooked us a great meal and Grandaddy helped them to feed the ducks. Uncle Austin and Uncle Adam are in a fierce "favorite uncle" competition so Austin brought presents and Adam jumped in the pool to splash around with the kids. It's a tie so far... plus, they have competition from Uncle Matt who is the father of their very first cousin and Uncle Joe who has taken all of us to Disney World twice! It was a great afternoon and the end to a really fun weekend.
Back to work tomorrow... I think Matt has to work on the budget - I get to take Drew to Sea World with his playgroup friends (while Abby spends the day with my mom, the beloved Grams). I guess there are worse things than being a stay-at-home mom!