Thursday, May 29, 2008

They Still Haven't Found What They're Looking For...

It's been exactly one year since my very first post.

Thank you. Thankyouverymuch.

In honor of this extremely exciting occasion, I thought I would share some insight from my Sitemeter.

Sitemeter is a tool that allows me to see how visitors manage to find my little blog among the millions of blogs that are out there.

Needless to say, I think most of them are disappointed when they get here. You'll see why when you check out these search engine requests (grammar and capitalization unchanged).

I'll also provide the link to the post they happened upon when Google failed them in their time of need.

Here we go -

1. how to hallucinate nyquil. related: Can I take nyquil with percocet, nyquil pills hallucination (person searching at 4:20am), anecdote for percocet, what is delaudin, etc. etc. etc.

2. sporty minivan (so many times I've lost count). also minivan anecdotes

3. no child left behind - These searches are almost always from some state's Department of Education.

4. Disney stock news - I doubt they are looking for pictures of my kids with Micky Mouse.

5. anecdotes on retirement - I'm especially certain this post was not helpful if someone was trying to decide when to start withdrawing from their 401k.

6. change of seasons chills achy muscles - The whole fallsummer thing probably sent this poor person over the edge.

7. extreme home makeover toddler rooms - A huge disappointment if they were expecting something from Ty Pennington.

8. someone who is in the know of things - Well, check out yesterday's post. Clearly, I'm just one wrong turn away from the crazy house.

That seems like enough for now.

Mostly, because I'm getting tired of linking.

But, it really has been fun. And, people from all over the world have visited my little corner of the Internet. People from Switzerland, Barcelona, The Philippines, Thailand, Minsk, Lebanon, Rio De Janeiro, Greece, South Africa, Australia, Saudi Arabia, England, and almost every single state in America.

So, thanks to those of you who read regularly and to those of you who stumble here in a Google search gone wrong.

I appreciate all of you and I'm having a blast!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Now She's Probably Wondering If We Brush Our Teeth With Shaving Cream.

My mom came over to babysit Abby today for a few hours.

When I got home she took the opportunity to go the the restroom - alone.

That's quite a luxury in our house. You might get to be in there alone, but little kiddos are always right outside the door just begging to come in.

Anyway, she walked out of the bathroom and went to the kitchen to wash her hands. I wondered why she was washing her hands in the kitchen when we happen to have a perfectly good sink in the bathroom, but two small people were jumping on me and whatever her answer might be just didn't seem that important.

She sat down on the couch and asked me, "Since when are we washing our hands with shampoo?"


"There's no soap next to the bathroom sink," she continued, "only shampoo."

I sent Drew to the bathroom to bring me the "soap" (it's so convenient to have little people who are willing to fetch things from all over the house) and, sure enough, he brought me this -

In case you can't read the writing it says, "Instant-foam, Easy-rinse shampoo"

My kids have been using shampoo to wash their hands for at least a week.

Just thought you all should know that.

As you were...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Perhaps If I Didn't Live So Close To The Equator...

Oh my word, it is hot here. I don't know what the rest of the country's weather is like right now because my DVR is not set to tape the news, but I can't imagine that it could be anywhere near as hot as it is in Florida. And if it is then I'm still not impressed. Any Floridian worth their salt would be able to explain the difference of "Florida hot" to you. It's steamy. It's oppressive. It's humid.

It's miserable.

And I've lived here all my life.

And I'm still not used to it.

Despite what you might assume based on my physical appearance, I'm a delicate flower. Truly, a fragile, delicate flower. I'm freezing if the weather dips below 65 and I'm unbelievably hot once it goes above 85. It's not at all comforting to know that there is absolutely nowhere on this earth I could live year-round and be happy about it.

As you can imagine, living with me is a dream. Just ask my husband.

So, I'm an indoor girl. Always have been and always will be. It's a huge sacrifice these days just to take my kids outside to play. I cannot even imagine if they played sports, you know, outside. I've decided that I'm limiting all my children's activities to indoor sports.

I'd love to be able to tell you I'm kidding.

I've already done the soccer thing with my brother and sister. My brother had the good sense to stand off to the side and play with the grass while the other crazy, red-faced kids chased that ball around for what seemed like hours. My sister, on the other hand, ended up joining a traveling team (I think that meant she was good) and we spent our weekends in different cities around the state of Florida slowing melting to death while she chased a ball up and down a field.

With no trees.

Which meant no shade.

Which meant certain heat exhaustion.

The only redeeming part of those weekends was heading to the air-conditioned sanctuary of Olive Garden or Chili's for the big team meal.

Anyway, I've kind of deviated from the original intent of this post.

Which is to say it's hot. And it's only May. And there are at least 5 months before it will get any better at all. For the time being, it will just get worse.

And one of the most annoying things to me is the women who walk around looking like the heat doesn't bother them at all. We were at Sea World on Friday for a field trip. It had rained a little that morning so it felt like we were walking inside a sauna for the rest of the day. It was finally time to leave (read: I couldn't take it anymore) and I was pushing the double stroller towards the exit and dreading the long car ride home. My hair was in a pony tail, my cheeks were flushed, there were assorted sweat stains all over my shirt (just keepin' it real), and I'm certain that the look on my face was one of utter misery. We ran into one of the teachers from the school. Her blond hair was down and brushed, her sunglasses were perched atop her head, her make-up was perfect, her outfit was adorable - she looked cool as a cucumber. I don't know how she did it.

But, I do know one thing. That will never be me.

I am a delicate flower and I wilt in this oppressive heat.

Heat that reached 103 degrees on the car thermometer that day on the way home from Sea World.

And, I do realize that Florida isn't all that close to the Equator.

But, compared to the rest of the United States it really is.

So, there.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

If Someone Would Be Kind Enough To Just Press Pause

I took this video of my beloved firstborn on May 4th.

The child is not yet five years old.

I might as well start packing him up for college.

I mean, really, a loose tooth at 4 1/2 years old?

Is nothing sacred these days?

Aside from the fact that he'll be getting married any moment now, how cute is this kid? I love having conversations with him. He's got us laughing all day around here. My favorite part has got to be the fake cry and the "I don't want to be a grown up."

I could just eat him up with a spoon.

This picture was taken four days later.

He begged me to pull out the tooth that morning because it was really bugging him, but that tooth would not budge. We took Abby to school and then headed to Target (he was still off for the week because of his adenoidecotomy). We were in the toothbrush aisle (I'm not even kidding) when he held up his hand and said, "Mama, what's this?" Next thing I knew, I was holding his tiny tooth in my hand.

He was so proud.

I held on to that tooth for dear life and silently berated myself for not keeping a Ziploc bag in my purse for times such as these. Drew, however, spent this important time admiring himself in the small mirror I carry in my purse.

I mean, really, what's not to like?

We took a special trip to pick up a little pillow that would keep his tooth safe for the tooth fairy.

The next morning he had a crisp dollar bill to add to his piggy bank.

He was understandably thrilled.

I think he realized he could have a lucrative small business here because a few days later he proudly wiggled his other bottom tooth for me.

And then yesterday (12 days after losing the first tooth) he came home from school looking like this -

Mom? Dad? I'm going to need to borrow some money...and get some advice on how to prevent my kids from growing up.

Please, hurry.

I'm just not ready for them to grow up.

Well, at least now that they are potty trained.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Note To Self...

The kids had a fantastic time in the backyard today. It's only mid-May, but summer seems to be in full swing here in sunny Florida. It's too hot to do much else besides play in the water...

And, it's these next pictures that taught me a lesson today. It's a lesson that I continually find myself having to re-learn over and over, and I'm hoping one of these days it's going to stick. Here's daddy with his adoring playmates...

They had so much fun today because Daddy spent some great quality time with them. He put on his bathing suit, played in the kiddie pool, got splashed with water, chased around the sprinklers, played catch with the beach ball, and they just laughed and laughed.

And, there I was, standing behind the camera.

Don't get me wrong, I love to capture these moments and I wouldn't change the part where I take the pictures.

I would change what came next.

I went inside to get some chores done. Laundry. Dishes. Unpacking the suitcase. Putting away toys. More laundry. Changing sheets. Putting away clothes.

Why can't I get away from it? Why can't I see the wonderful opportunity to just play with my family. To let go and forget about all of the things that "need" to get done and focus on the most important part of my life right now.

And that is soaking up these awesome kids and this amazing age. They are so much fun. Their personalities are bursting. Their love is overflowing.

As I tucked them in tonight, they continued to talk about the fun they had with Daddy today. I'm so happy they had that time, and even happier that they have a Daddy that values quality time with them on a daily basis.

But, I was disappointed in myself. They should have been talking about their fun day with Mommy AND Daddy. I should have put on my bathing suit and jumped right into the fun. I should have forgotten about the chores and focused on not letting days like this slip by as they grow up before my very eyes.




"Should" is not good enough anymore. I NEED to learn this lesson. I WILL learn this lesson.

Just look at these precious faces.

I have no other choice.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Mama's Day

It was one of those weekends where we were really busy and we're really tired, but it was totally worth it. We went to Animal Kingdom yesterday and had a great day. Then, Matt stayed up late to set up my Mother's Day gift - an awesome computer that I'm using rightthisverysecond!

Today, we went to church...

And then to MGM studios where Drew got to participate in the Jedi Training Academy once again. It was a close call, but he was one of the last kids picked. He's right up in the front again.

Check out that perfect form!

I know I posted video of this from last week, but this one is so much better. We got Drew fighting Darth Vader this time, and he was the only one picked to do this whole thing with the Storm Troopers. He was thrilled!

All the activities were fun and I'm completely loving my fantastic gift. However, the best part of the day was definitely the fact that this was the first year that BOTH of my kids totally understood it was Mother's Day and they were really into it. They were full of hugs and kisses and lots of "Happy Mother's Days." They were so proud of the card they colored for me and after I read it Drew ran over to give me even more hugs and kisses for my "present."

I told him as I tucked him in to bed tonight...that was my favorite part of the day.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Force Is Strong With This One

Drew had surgery yesterday for the very first time. After four consultations over 3 years, the doctor finally decided to put tubes in his ears. He also wanted to take out his adenoids thinking it would help with the asthma.

Everything went smoothly - fluid was drained from the ears and the adenoids did indeed turn out to be rather large. Drew was brave and he is doing great. Now, we just face a long week of resting to make sure there aren't any complications with the adenoidectomy. Daddy knew it would be a long week for us, so on Sunday he took Drew for a special day while I stayed home tending to our sick daughter (and she is finally starting to feel better and actually slept through the night last night).

So, Daddy and Drew went to Hollywood Studios to do all the "guy" stuff - namely, Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Drew's newest "thing" is Star Wars. He loves the movies.

He makes us call him Luke Skywalker.

I'm alright with that as long as I don't have to be Darth Vader.

Anyway, they went to the Star Wars show which is basically a Jedi Training Academy. They pick kids from the audience to participate in the show. Daddy and Drew went to the first show and Drew didn't get picked. He was disappointed, but still loved watching all the things he knew from the movie unfold in real-life drama.

Not to be deterred, Matt and Drew stayed for the second show hoping that Drew would get a chance to be in the show.

Persistence pays off, people.

Check out my little dude up there on the stage

He LOVED training to be a Jedi.

Here's some action from the show. It's a little long, but the first 30 seconds are the best. Drew is on the right side of the stage - second from the front. About 12 seconds into the video he looks over at Matt and nods his head and smiles as if to say, "Look how great I am at this!" And then watch him book it over to the side when Darth Vader comes out - priceless!

Each kid got a chance to "fight" Darth Vader using the skills they had just learned to become a Jedi. As Drew walked up for his turn, Darth said, "The force is strong with this one."

Matt said that Drew was awesome!

I never knew I would be so proud to be the mama of a little Jedi.

After Drew received his Jedi training diploma, they headed over to the Indiana Jones Stunt Show (or as Abby calls it, the skunk show). Indiana Jones and his leading lady came out for pictures after the show in the section where Drew and Matt were sitting.

What a fun day for the boys to remember!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Another One Bites The Dust.

My little peanut is a strong one. Her immune system seems to be a tad stronger than her beloved brother's, and she gets sick much less frequently than he does.

Which, by the way, is nothing short of a medical marvel since they make it a point to be all over each other when either one of them is sick. And that is only one of the 642 reasons I always have an embarrassingly large amount of Purell on hand at any given time.

Instant hand sanitizer should be everyone's friend.

Drew's latest virus was well-documented here on the blawg and it ended about one week ago. We just finished patting ourselves on the back for at least sparing Abby from the plague when, you guessed it, she succumbed to the nastiest illness to invade our house in a long time.

Here she is Thursday morning as we were leaving for preschool. Looking happy and healthy...

One of her teachers called me later that morning saying that Abby had a temperature and just wanted to be held constantly. I hurried over to the school to find the rest of her class eating lunch while Abby was sleeping in the corner on a couple of over-sized pillows. It was a very sad sight. Her classmates were very concerned about her so I assured them I would take good care of her as I scooped her up and carried her to the car. She was burning up by the time we got home so I gave her some Motrin and she settled in on the couch to continue her nap.

Ever since then, her symptoms have been exactly the same as Drew's were last week. A fever that cycles with the doses of Motrin (averaging about 102.5), some vomiting, lowered appetite and willingness to drink, a congested cough, and one red eye (that isn't a case of pink eye).

She would start to perk up once the Motrin kicked in and then would begin to get the chills and shake as the fever came back a few hours later.

She wanted to watch Enchanted and dress up like Giselle at one point while she was feeling better and then an hour later she was sound asleep and flushed with a new fever.

Thursday night was rough and Friday morning didn't get much better. This is what she looked like on the couch (I'll give you three guesses as to what the bowl is for).

And just a few minutes later I checked on her to find her sound asleep once again.

We went to see the pediatrician. Her temperature was 104.5 when we got there. They tested her for strep and flu (both negative) and she didn't have an ear infection. The doctor is guessing it is viral (just like Drew) and mentioned one I had never heard of called Andovirus. The virus is basically all the normal cold symptoms with the differentiating feature of having one red eye. (again, not pink eye)


But, I'll just have to take the doctor's word for it because Google was of absolutely no help in giving me any more information about the Andovirus.

The Internet - it is a tricky, tricky thing.

Our pediatrician insisted we take Abby for IV fluids. She has a history of getting dehydrated very quickly when she gets sick and he didn't want to take any chances. I protested a little because she was drinking and eating small amounts during the times she feels better. He didn't think it was enough. In the end, we decided to hold off on the IV (I hate to do it unless it's really necessary) and try to give her a chance to drink on her own. She's doing well with it and we haven't had to go in...yet.

I would love to say she is better, but she's just not there yet. She is still getting the high fevers and her eye is still red. I slept with her last night and we spent several hours using a cold washcloth to try to draw the heat from her body. It is unbelievable to me how hot she is getting each and every time. She is burning up and you can feel the heat radiate from her body when you are close to her. She is so sad and keeps telling us, "I don't like it being sick."

Yesterday, while I was holding a washcloth on her forehead I told her I was so sorry she didn't feel well and she told me, "It's ok mama. It's not your mistake."

And last night I was holding her when she fell asleep around 6:30. I tried to give her to Matt for a little while and she said, "No, mama. I go wherever you go." I tried again a few minutes later and she wrapped her arms tightly around my neck and said very firmly, "I go wherever you go."

And so she did.

And so she will until she feels better.

It is our hope and prayer that will be the case soon.

Very, very soon.