Monday, July 7, 2008

To Infinity And Beyond...

I really want to get the kids a trampoline. They LOVE to jump and I just know they would have a blast with it. However, our backyard is not fenced in, so the liability of it has Matt and I hesitating on such a purchase - apparently you can be sued if someone gets hurt while trespassing on your property.

I love this country.

So, we have been creative in finding a way to let the kids expend some of that crazy jumping energy they have each and every day. We have a huge bean bag - so huge that it actually opens up into a queen size bed. It's in our playroom, but the kids like for us to drag it into the family room so they can jump onto it from the couch.

It keeps them entertained for a looong time!

Matt watched the kids one afternoon and when I came home he grabbed the camera and said, "You gotta see this..."

I loved it! Drew as Buzz Lightyear and pretending he could fly - Matt is so much fun with these kids.

And, I love that he took pictures because he knew I'd want to see it. And scrapbook it. And blog about it.

He's a good man.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm so impressed that our obsession with picture taking has rubbed off on Matt. Now that's a man you can depend on!

Oh and you forgot to mention who gave Drew that awesome outfit!!! =)

xo, Aunt Anna

Dellielou said...

We have a little Buzz Lightyear too... that's such a good idea about the bean bag perhaps we should invest in one!