Wednesday, July 16, 2008

And Why Wouldn't You?

I really do love my blue eyed girl.

She is sweet and spunky. Affectionate and silly. Smart and mischievous. Kind and gentle. Energetic and determined. And she has a sweet tooth like you wouldn't believe.

And I love that she has blue eyes. It's selfish because mostly I'm just happy that it makes her look a little bit more like me. Drew is a spitting image of his father (I'm not complaining) and Abby also resembles her dad's side of the family. She actually looks like her Aunt Denise did when she was a little girl.

But, the blue eyes - they are mine. And I think that at least one of my children should resemble me just a little.

I did grow them for 9 months and all...

So, back to my blue eyed girl -

She's a girlie girl and I'm totally ok with admitting that I wouldn't have it any other way. I love that she twirls around the house in her dresses and wears dress up shoes with her pajamas. She carries around a purse more than I do and she's always excited to pick out matching bows for her outfit. She loves to have her picture taken almost as much as I like to take her picture.

But, I tend to go overboard when I start taking pictures. I take as many as I can because it's the only way to guarantee that I'll get the shot that I want.

After too many pictures to count, she starts to get a little bored with the whole thing.

Boredom turns to annoyance -

And that turns into downright disgust.

Is it wrong that I love this expression just as much as the ones where she is smiling?

I love all of my kids expressions and I love capturing them in pictures so that I'll always be able to remember how their precious faces looked when they were young like this.

But, that face is not a good sign.

No, I better promise that there will be some M&M's in the near future...

There we go.

I told you this sweet girl has a crazy sweet tooth!


Anonymous said...

She is so proud to have blue eyes just like her Mommy... (and Aunt Anna of course)!

Have a great day. God only gives you what He knows you can handle.

xoxo - Aunt Anna

Tara said...

To me, she is the spitting image of you - way beyond the eyes. I lived with you for four years. I know all your looks. And believe me, she has them all! She's definitely a keeper.