Wednesday, October 28, 2009

If You Say So...

Today was Drew's First Grade Halloween party. Well, it was really a "Pumpkin Party" because we aren't supposed to mention Halloween at school. It was also Wacky Hair Day so that made things exceptionally interesting.

I got to plan the party with my newest friend and co-room mom, Belinda. She is an amazing photographer (and really cool chick). These are just two of the photos she took today with her snazzy, fancy camera. I heart them.

I also heart the little boy who explained the origin of Halloween to me on the way to school today.

"You know, Mom, a long time ago people were really afraid of ghosts. So AFRAID of them that they would hide in their houses and be afraid to come out. So, all the people dressed up in costumes to scare the ghosts away. Do you hear me, Mom? They SCARED the ghosts away. And they left food for the ghosts by the door to make them happy. So, I guess they were scared and a little happy. But, anyway, that is why we have Halloween. But, don't worry, we don't have ghosts anymore. This was a LONG time ago."

"Wow, Drew! Who told you all of that?"

"Handy Manny."


Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Beach. AKA: The Most Pictures I've Ever Put In One Post.

So, it's October. And I'm still re-capping our summer. I just don't know what to say. Life is busy and I'm busy living it. I'm really trying to get and stay caught up with the blog. It is a wonderful record of family memories. (And my mom and sister drive me crazy requesting new posts).

Matt was scheduled to take vacation during the second week of July. However, it was the first week of July when our firstborn decided to have major surgery. It kind of put our plans on hold. We weren't sure how quickly he would recover and what would be safe for him to do.

We were supposed to leave for the beach on Monday, but had to stay in town until Drew's doctor's appointment on Wednesday. The doctor examined his incision sites and said that Drew could return to all normal activity. Drew had been feeling fine, so that was all we needed to hear to pack up our things and head to the beach!

We stayed at my Dad's condo for four days. It was AMAZING!! The kids loved it and had a wonderful time! I took over 500 pictures while we were there.

This post contains 40. It took a loooong time for me to go through and edit all the pictures and then to narrow it down to 8% of them for your enjoyment.

Let's get going...

My healthy and happy boy walking on the beach! I cannot even begin to tell you how great it was to see him back to his usual self after such a rough week.

No hesitation for either child with the ocean on this visit. They both wanted to jump right in and get their feet wet!

Or, go as far out as Daddy could take them and let the waves crash over their heads!

Back on the beach, Drew was an avid seashell collector. Note the shells in his left hand...

Daddy was brave enough and tall enough and strong enough to take them out as far as they wanted to go in the ocean. They always came back beaming from ear to ear and wanting to know when they could go back again. Here, Abby is running back to the beach after her turn in the ocean with Daddy!

It's fun to go out far, but sometimes it's just as fun to play in the shallow water.

Drew was really into playing soccer with this ball. He and Daddy would take turns trying to "score" on each other by kicking the ball into the ocean while the other one would try to catch the ball before it hit the water. Again and again and again and again...

While the boys played soccer, Abby was really into building sand castles the first day.

I lost track of how many times she filled her little bucket with water and brought it back up to help make her castles. She was quite diligent about it.

Clearly, my aversion to sand has not rubbed off on my little girl!

Towards the end of the day, we noticed a lot of people gathering on the beach. Finally, someone mentioned that the space shuttle was about to launch - we had no idea it was scheduled for that day and we were so happy that we hadn't gone inside for dinner already!

What an amazing view! The kids were thrilled!!

I checked on the babies before I went to sleep that night and this is what I found...

They slept very well considering this was our first vacation away from home. We never heard from them much in the middle of the night, but by 6 am they were awake and ready to get started with the day.

To their delight, they awoke just in time to see the sunrise every single morning.

Way. Too. Early.

But, oh so sweet...

And breathtaking...

We let Daddy sleep in every day. This first morning, I got the kids ready to go down to the beach for some pictures. I had to beg and plead with them, but they finally gave in.

And, they really didn't mind too much once they discovered I was going to let them play in the ocean!

They walked around looking for seashells and trying to get close to pretty, white birds.

They ran in and out of the ocean -

And then posed for a picture or two...

My little ballerina girl even twirled on the beach a time or two!!

After breakfast, we changed into our bathing suits and headed back down to the beach for our second day. Drew wanted to build his own sand castles while Abby and Daddy played in the ocean.

They played in the waves together for a long time! The waves were bigger on this day and Abby kept getting knocked down!

She finally had enough and began to hold onto Drew for dear life! It was a sweet thing for this Mama to see as my babies played together so nicely. Over and over she would shriek as the waves came closer and then grab onto her big brother.

He hugged her close each time and they braved the waves together!

Which just meant that they started falling down together...

Thankfully, they always came up from the water with smiles on their faces!

On our third day at the beach, I finally put the camera down for the entire morning and took my kiddos out into the ocean for some fun! Of course, I had already been in the water with them several times, but this was my turn to really splash and jump and play and enjoy our time together.

We built lots of sand castles that day! This was a little village of castles we made and Abby found a big feather to put in the top for decoration.

They had so much fun jumping over it!

And, of course, they still played with that orange ball! Lots of "monkey in the middle" on this day!!

We went out to a local pizza place for an early dinner and then came back down to the beach for sunset.

It was another great photo opportunity with my precious babies. I can't decide which one I like the best. I like each one of these for different reasons...

Oh, be still my heart...

I love this boy!!!

And, don't even get me started on my sweet Abby Grace!

She breaks my heart with her beauty.

Honestly, it was as perfect as it could have been. The kids loved the beach. Loved the ocean. Loved the pool. They loved collecting seashells and building castles and walking/running on the beach and playing in the waves.

We ate lunch by the pool every afternoon and swam for hours. We went out to eat and played games when we needed a break from the sun. It didn't rain at all!

The kids were well-behaved and got along remarkably well. They are at a wonderful age - so wonderful that I just want to freeze time and enjoy it for as long as I possibly can.

Though they get on each other's nerves plenty, they truly have a beautiful friendship and they love each other very much. It is an amazing relationship to watch.

Our family is blessed beyond measure.