Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ladies - Did I Mention That He's Single?

This is my baby brother, Adam.

Ummm...he was just two years old yesterday so I'm not really sure what happened.

We have one of those unique sibling relationships that only seem possible when separated by a decade. After all, I changed his diapers and drove him around town in my sweet Dodge Shadow.

Precious memories.

We've always gotten along very well. My siblings and I are all close now that we are adults, however, it's always been that way with Adam. And, now that we are older, we realize that we have very similar personalities and we feel the same way about lots of things. And we understand each other in a way that other people don't always seem to get. We're just wired the same way. It's pretty cool.

Adam is also very generous. He likes to help people and that comes in handy for me because I always need some kind of assistance.

Like I said, peas in a pod.

There are all kinds of little things he's done over the years (Anna and Austin - you guys are FABULOUS too but this one is about Adam) but there is one thing that is sticking out in my cluttered mind right now. Several years ago, hurricanes really nailed Florida. Matt joined everyone else in the state at Home Depot to buy plywood to cover the windows. I remember Adam coming over that day to help Matt drill the plywood over the windows. I was so impressed with his selflessness and his willingness to do some hard work to help out my family.

So let's review: changing person's diapers = said person helping to prepare your house for massive hurricane season.


I've kind of gotten off track (crazy, I know) because the original intent of this post was to say how well Uncle Adam loves my kids.

Adam has been so sweet with the kids ever since they were first born. It's getting even better recently as the kids get older and are more fun to hang around with. I've needed some babysitting help lately and Adam has been able to pitch in since he's still in college and has a flexible schedule. The kids get so excited when they hear he is coming over because they know it means they get to watch movies!

Uncle Adam is a movie buff. A movie buff in the real way since he's majoring in film and shows an amazing amount of talent in his chosen profession.

Uncle Adam introduced the kids to Superman a few weeks ago and they loved it! Poor Adam just wants to watch the movie and eat some popcorn, but he gets bombarded with "why" questions continuously. I just smile as I walk out the door saying something like, "Welcome to my world, dude."

I came home one day to find that my son had been transformed into Superman...

And my kids had been using their Uncle as a couch...

He takes it all in stride though because it's difficult to deny these two little munchkins that so clearly adore him.

Though, I'm fairly sure he did make it through the early years without changing a single diaper on either one of them.

Nice work, bro.

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Dellielou said...

They are so lucky to have a lovely Uncle to use as a couch, it looks like they know it too!
Del x