Sunday, May 18, 2008

Note To Self...

The kids had a fantastic time in the backyard today. It's only mid-May, but summer seems to be in full swing here in sunny Florida. It's too hot to do much else besides play in the water...

And, it's these next pictures that taught me a lesson today. It's a lesson that I continually find myself having to re-learn over and over, and I'm hoping one of these days it's going to stick. Here's daddy with his adoring playmates...

They had so much fun today because Daddy spent some great quality time with them. He put on his bathing suit, played in the kiddie pool, got splashed with water, chased around the sprinklers, played catch with the beach ball, and they just laughed and laughed.

And, there I was, standing behind the camera.

Don't get me wrong, I love to capture these moments and I wouldn't change the part where I take the pictures.

I would change what came next.

I went inside to get some chores done. Laundry. Dishes. Unpacking the suitcase. Putting away toys. More laundry. Changing sheets. Putting away clothes.

Why can't I get away from it? Why can't I see the wonderful opportunity to just play with my family. To let go and forget about all of the things that "need" to get done and focus on the most important part of my life right now.

And that is soaking up these awesome kids and this amazing age. They are so much fun. Their personalities are bursting. Their love is overflowing.

As I tucked them in tonight, they continued to talk about the fun they had with Daddy today. I'm so happy they had that time, and even happier that they have a Daddy that values quality time with them on a daily basis.

But, I was disappointed in myself. They should have been talking about their fun day with Mommy AND Daddy. I should have put on my bathing suit and jumped right into the fun. I should have forgotten about the chores and focused on not letting days like this slip by as they grow up before my very eyes.




"Should" is not good enough anymore. I NEED to learn this lesson. I WILL learn this lesson.

Just look at these precious faces.

I have no other choice.

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Dellielou said...

Its SO hard being a Mum isn't it?!

I'm sure they were grateful for the clean towels they snuggled up to when they were drying themselves, for the snack you fixed for them... etc. etc....

I feel the same sometimes, but I'm sure you'll have many more precious times to come x