Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Force Is Strong With This One

Drew had surgery yesterday for the very first time. After four consultations over 3 years, the doctor finally decided to put tubes in his ears. He also wanted to take out his adenoids thinking it would help with the asthma.

Everything went smoothly - fluid was drained from the ears and the adenoids did indeed turn out to be rather large. Drew was brave and he is doing great. Now, we just face a long week of resting to make sure there aren't any complications with the adenoidectomy. Daddy knew it would be a long week for us, so on Sunday he took Drew for a special day while I stayed home tending to our sick daughter (and she is finally starting to feel better and actually slept through the night last night).

So, Daddy and Drew went to Hollywood Studios to do all the "guy" stuff - namely, Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Drew's newest "thing" is Star Wars. He loves the movies.

He makes us call him Luke Skywalker.

I'm alright with that as long as I don't have to be Darth Vader.

Anyway, they went to the Star Wars show which is basically a Jedi Training Academy. They pick kids from the audience to participate in the show. Daddy and Drew went to the first show and Drew didn't get picked. He was disappointed, but still loved watching all the things he knew from the movie unfold in real-life drama.

Not to be deterred, Matt and Drew stayed for the second show hoping that Drew would get a chance to be in the show.

Persistence pays off, people.

Check out my little dude up there on the stage

He LOVED training to be a Jedi.

Here's some action from the show. It's a little long, but the first 30 seconds are the best. Drew is on the right side of the stage - second from the front. About 12 seconds into the video he looks over at Matt and nods his head and smiles as if to say, "Look how great I am at this!" And then watch him book it over to the side when Darth Vader comes out - priceless!

Each kid got a chance to "fight" Darth Vader using the skills they had just learned to become a Jedi. As Drew walked up for his turn, Darth said, "The force is strong with this one."

Matt said that Drew was awesome!

I never knew I would be so proud to be the mama of a little Jedi.

After Drew received his Jedi training diploma, they headed over to the Indiana Jones Stunt Show (or as Abby calls it, the skunk show). Indiana Jones and his leading lady came out for pictures after the show in the section where Drew and Matt were sitting.

What a fun day for the boys to remember!

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