Wednesday, April 1, 2009

She Likes To Party

We had Abby's birthday party this past Sunday. It was supposed to be at a park. However, was toying with me all week long with it's forecast for a 60% chance of rain on Sunday.

Let me just say here that Florida is experiencing a drought. There has been NO rain and plenty of fires because of it. Except, you know, on the day we have an outside party planned. I watched enough weather reports on TV to practically consider myself a meteorologist, and I drove the people around me crazy with my high level of stress.

Would it rain? Would it not rain? Why does Mother Nature dislike me so? And, why in the world do the weather people have the only job where it really doesn't matter if they are right? Things change on a dime and then they just shrug their shoulders and move on to the next front coming through...

Anyway, on Friday I finally waved the white flag and called Miss Cassie at My Gym. I knew it was a long shot, but I asked her if they had a party time available on Sunday.

In two days.

And she saved the day and said, yes, they could host the party from 4-6 on Sunday. No, she was not working. But, yes, she would come in just for us!

I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Returned almost everything I had bought. Called every single person on our party list. And then prayed and prayed for lots of rain to justify all this extra work.

Abby totally rolled with the changes because she loves My Gym and Miss Cassie. See, here's proof!

Abby also loves her best friend, Sherilyn. These are two of the fanciest girls I have ever met!

After some free play, Miss Cassie had the kids sit in a circle with Abby in the middle. Each child introduced themselves and then was to say something nice to Abby. She loved the attention!

Here the kids are all lined up and receiving instructions for the first of many fun games. Miss Cassie and Miss Laura did such a great job - all of the kids were really into the games and had a blast!

One of the games was chase. While watching the kiddos run around in circles, my brother turned to my sister's boyfriend and began talking smack about how he would beat him in a game of chase.

That gave me an idea. So, I went over to Miss Cassie with my suggestion. Next thing we knew - Austin, Adam, and Kyle had their very own turn!

Oh. My. Word.

Y'all, it was funny. The kind of funny where your sides hurt from laughing so hard and your eyes water with tears and you are still talking about it the whole next week whenever you see someone who was at the party.

The chase finally ended when Adam leaped through the air, horizontal to the ground, and finally tagged Kyle.


As fun as it was, the focus went back to the kids!

This little boy owns my heart.

All kinds of fun was had in the ball pit...

Abby got to sit up high on the swing while the kids marched in a circle around her singing Happy Birthday. She loved every second of it!

Admiring her cake...

Make a wish!

This little girl is sweeter than sugar. And her parents adore her.

She wanted a piece with a big, pink flower on it. Girlfriend only likes the icing - she won't touch the cake part!

Down the zip line...all the kids loved this!

Abby really wanted to have a princess pinata at her party. It had to be a pull-string one because we couldn't use a bat at the gym. The kids didn't seem to mind and they all got plenty of candy!

The party couldn't have been more of a success. The place/time change didn't keep anyone from being able to be there. My Gym is so much fun - and - so little work for the parents since Miss Cassie and Miss Laura handled almost everything. The kids had a terrific time - there were smiles all around!

We came home and watched Abby (with some help from Drew) open all of her presents. She was in heaven - surrounded by princesses, barbies, polly pockets, and other assorted treasures.

It had been a busy, fun-filled birthday celebration. And these two munchkins had a great time!

More family pictures coming tomorrow on Abby's birthday!!

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