Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Boys

The day after the Daddy-Daughter dance was set aside for some Father-Son fun! As I mentioned before, Drew's baseball team this season is the Yankees. Matt thought it would be fun to take Drew to a Yankees Spring Training game over in Tampa. So, they got suited up in their Yankees jerseys and headed off for a fun afternoon!

They arrived at Legends Field, walked around for a bit, and got a program. Drew was so excited to see the "grown up Yankees" play!

Oh my word. That kid is cute!!

They had great seats - very close to the field and right at first base behind the Yankees dugout. Matt wanted Drew to be able to see all the action up close so it would hold his interest. And, it worked! Drew had a great time watching the game. He called the plays as they happened and took lots of pictures all by himself!

They had a great time watching the game. The Braves beat the Yankees, but these guys are still big fans!

Their fun day continued on after the game. Since they were in Tampa, they decided to spend the night at Aunt Denise and Uncle Matt's house. Drew had a blast playing with his cousins, Ryan and Tyler.

What a fun day for my two favorite guys!

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