Friday, April 10, 2009


We have a tree in our backyard. It blooms once a year. Early Spring.

The tree is full of yellow flowers for just a few weeks. Then, slowly, the flowers begin to fall to the ground and the brilliance of color is gone until next Spring.

This is what the tree looked like 4 years ago. I was 9 months pregnant with my Abby Grace.

This tree had fallen over in the hurricanes during the Summer of 2004.

We lost several trees in our backyard that Summer...

All of them were cut up and taken away.

But, for some reason we decided to use some stakes to prop up the tree with yellow flowers. It continues to bloom every Spring.

This is what it looked like this year.

I'm so happy when the tree is blooming. We see it each time we drive into the neighborhood and the yellow flowers remind me that my favorite season has finally arrived.

The flowers don't last for very long so I've learned to appreciate them while they are here.

And, sadly, they fall just a few weeks after they have bloomed.

However, I am blessed with a precious girl. She LOVES flowers just as much as her Mama. And she has been so excited for Spring with all her talk of flowers blooming, bees buzzing, and warm sunshiney days ahead.

So we ventured outside one afternoon to enjoy the last of those pretty yellow flowers...

She gathered them up in her hands.

And then she threw them up into the air!

She giggled as they fell all around her so we did it again and again!

I've never been happier that we kept that tree.

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