Friday, August 15, 2008

Jump! Slide! Swing! Play!

Drew and Abby have enjoyed many fun activities this summer. Most of them involve air conditioning because that's of the utmost importance during these long, sweltering Florida summers when it's impossible to be outside for more than 10 minutes at a time.

Anyway, I've been joking to people that I feel like a cruise director lately. The kids wake up and their very first question is always, "What are we going to do today?" Unlike a cruise though, the answer is never, "Well, we're going to eat until we can't stand it anymore and then hang out by the pool while sipping a nice, cold drink. Catch you later at bingo!"

No, it's never that.

Two of our favorite indoor activities have been My Gym and IPEZ (bounce houses). They both offer lots of opportunities to expend their limitless energy.





This is Miss Cassie. My kids LOVE her. Can you tell? This is circle time at My Gym and they always make sure they are as close to her as possible. I'm kind of invisible when she's around.

Abby participated in a My Gym class a year ago while Drew was at preschool. It was fun, but she wouldn't let any of the teachers help her because she was really shy and only wanted her mama. She was going through a phase in which she was only fond of the people in her immediate family. It's hard to even imagine these days because of her outgoing personality. But that's what it was.

One day, Miss Cassie was trying to draw Abby out of her shyness and she noticed Abby had a little tattoo of a butterfly (only temporary). It turned out that Miss Cassie had a tattoo (a real one) of a butterfly too!

Can you say BFF?

Abby still wouldn't have anything to do with any of the other teachers, but Miss Cassie had her heart and full devotion. They would (and still do) compare hair styles, earrings, and clothes - always looking for something in common.

For most of the summer, my kids didn't even want to go to My Gym on Wednesdays because as Drew would say, "No thank you, mama. Miss Cassie doesn't work on Wednesday. She has the day off."

And I understand why.

Miss Cassie is one fun, energetic, and super-cool chick.

Abby is much more outgoing these days and she loves just about every grown-up that she meets. Her preschool teachers, ballet teacher, all of the My Gym teachers and the mommy's of all of her friends. There's not a shy bone in her little body.

Despite all that, there's still something extra special about Miss Cassie. She remains Abby's favorite. Maybe because she was the first one to draw Abby out of her shell. Maybe just because of how wonderful she is with kids.

I don't know.

But, I do know she's amazing. And Abby couldn't agree more.

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Tara said...

I cannot believe how big the kids look all of a sudden. And Abby's hair is getting so long! Where is the time going?