Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Abby Grace!

Today is the day. My sweet baby girl turns 4 years old.

She is smart and funny and ever so beautiful. She loves to dress up as a princess and she wrestles on the floor with her Daddy. She likes to have her nails painted and she digs in the dirt with her fingers. She is a good little mama to her baby dolls and she quite enjoys defeating the dark side with lightsabers. She is outgoing and bubbly and at other times is impossibly shy. She is thoughtful and generous and sensitive and caring and then she gets mad at her brother for no reason.

She has the voice of an angel and yet she whines enough each day to take me right to the edge of insanity. She has a great sense of fashion (thanks, Aunt Anna) and then is annoyed with me almost every day because she doesn't like the outfit I have chosen for her.

She has a heart of gold and a smile that can light up a room. Her giggles are contagious and her hugs - well, there's just no words for how it feels to receive her love.

We can't imagine our lives without her.

Our family gathered at our house this past Sunday before her birthday party. We visited, opened presents, and celebrated the birthday girl.

Here are some pictures of the people who most love our Abby Grace...


Daddy -

Grams and Aunt Anna -

Grandma and Grandpa -

Aunt Denise, Uncle Joe, and Ryan -

Uncle Adam -

Time to open presents!

Drew is so silly - he had everyone laughing with this bow tied around his head.

A birthday hug for his little sister.

Abby has loved dressing up as a cheerleader lately. Aunt Anna and Kyle got her this awesome Gator cheerleader dress, pom poms, and ribbons for her hair.

There were two main things Abby wanted for her birthday this year. The first was a real, pink guitar. Uncle Austin and Uncle Michael were happy to fulfill her wish!

The other thing she wanted was her own camera that would take real pictures. Grandma and Grandpa found the perfect princess camera for her. Aunt Denise, Uncle Matt, Ryan and Tyler got her some great scrapbook stuff so she could have a place to put all of her pictures!

Ryan was happy to help with all of the present opening. He is such a cutie and my kids love him SO much! (P.S. We missed you Uncle Matt and baby Tyler!)

My kids have been asking for a pet for as long as I can remember. They really want a dog, but Daddy has told them that the only pet they can have is fish. Grams was happy to oblige.

They were so excited - they couldn't believe it! They immediately came up with names for the fish. Abby named her two fish Goldie and Leia. We got one blue fish for Drew and he named his Superman. Uncle Adam was so proud!

Thanks, Grams!

She loves her real guitar. And it's a huge bonus that it's pink and has jewels on it. Abby likes to pretend she is Hannah Montana. She also likes to sing lullabies to us before bed. I'll post video of that soon!

Kyle and Drew had so much fun playing with the Star Wars toys. Kyle is so great with my kids!

Happy Birthday sweet daughter! We love you more than you will ever know!

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Tara said...

Looks like she had a great birthday. Hard to believe she's already four!