Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Nephews

Well, I finally uploaded my pictures from Easter weekend to the computer.

There were 217.

That's going to take some time to edit.

And I'm thinking about joining a group for people addicted to taking pictures.

Because, clearly, I have a problem. You know, because I felt it was necessary to take 200 more pictures than the average person took this Easter.


Anyway, these photos of my nephews were just begging to be edited first. And they are too cute not to share!

Baby Tyler is such a sweetie. Seriously, the best baby I've ever met. He's content and happy and easy and adorable! I was so excited to take his picture - it was the first thing I did when we arrived in Tampa on Saturday.

Big Brother, Ryan, joined in on our little photo shoot.

It seems he takes every available opportunity to give his baby brother lots of love!

I sure do love those boys!!

1 comment:

Joanna said...

Wow these babies are like models!!! Especially in the last one! Denise and Matt- you need to model them! Submit the last picture to some model agency!