Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yep, I'm Still Talking About Easter...

Easter was weeks ago. A tiny blip in most people's rear-view mirror. Yet, here I am, still blogging about it.

But, I finally made it through ALL the pictures and the memories are so sweet that I'm not afraid to document them even though it is practically May.

So, who wants to see more Easter pictures?!


*Tap-Tap* This thing on?

Ok, it's just me then. Here we go!

We traveled to Tampa on Saturday to spend the day with my nephews and their parents. We had lots of fun playing with Ryan and baby Tyler and the kids were BEYOND excited to spend the night - what an adventure!

Easter morning I got some cute pics of Drew and Abby lovin' on their baby cousin.

We waited for Matt's parents and Joe & Kelly to arrive before we did Easter baskets and the egg hunt.

Here is what the baskets looked like this year -

The kids seemed thrilled with their gifts. Actually, only Abby seemed thrilled. She was genuinely excited about every single thing she pulled out of the basket.

Drew, on the other hand, seemed happy enough. He was pleased, but definitely not over-the-top happy about any of the items. Truth be told, I think he was just ready to get on with the egg hunt.

The boy is turning out to be quite competitive.

Being the tallest one does have its advantages...

Abby and Ryan held their own though!

How sweet! Drew is pointing out a princess egg to Abby -

We put coins in all of the Easter eggs this year. For Christmas, my Aunt Kris got the kids some money jars that count the money as each coin is added. Drew and Abby both have about $40 in their jars and they are always asking (read: begging) for more coins to put in their money jars.

I also had special eggs for each child that contained a dollar bill. Drew's were baseball eggs, Abby's were princess eggs, and Ryan's were Elmo eggs!

After the egg hunt, Grandma called everyone inside and put on some music for dancing!

Then it was time to eat the chocolate bunny. I cannot even begin to describe Abby's delight in this fine piece of candy. Those bunny ears were gone mere seconds after this picture was taken.

But, we had other bunny ears for a fun photo op!

It was a fun family weekend made even more special by all the people we were able share it with.

Happy Easter!


The Collins said...

I love the family picture. Your kids are so cute and I love following your blog! Hope you are well.

Joanna Kassar said...

I love so many things about this post!! I love how gorgeous the photos of the kids are, I love the picture of Drew, Abby and Ryan standing holding their easter baskets and how Ryan just looks like such a cool cat with his hand in his pocket, I love how Drew pointed out the princess egg for Abby (so cute and sweet!) and I love how you called Aunt Chris "Grandma" (So funny to hear!). This post really was so cute, funny, and amusing! :) Loved it! And you are an amazing photographer as well! When are these kids going into modeling?