Monday, December 8, 2008

Fear No Terrain

I described Drew's enthusiasm for kindergarten in a previous post. We are now almost halfway through the school year and it still has not abated. He LOVES school and I'm just so proud of his effort and positive attitude.

I also mentioned in that post that Drew has a favorite teacher. He really loves all the adults at that school - especially his main teacher. However, he thinks one of his PE coaches hung the moon. I don't know how it all started, but he just loves her to pieces.

One day, she told the PE class about a thing at school called running club and Drew had to be a part of it. If this coach was going to be there then so was he.

So, Drew's first school club is running club and it has been a great experience for him. All three coaches are wonderful and I really like the way they are with the kids. Abby and I make sure to be there every Thursday so we can watch the runners - it's one of the highlights of my week!

Here's Abby waving to her brother as he walks to the covered court.

The runners get a ticket for each lap they complete. Once they earn five tickets they get a "bear foot" to wear on a chain. Here is Drew turning in his first set of five tickets and getting his chain with his first bear foot.

This is his favorite coach. Look at him beaming at her as she helps him put the bear foot on the chain. It's just so sweet!

These running club buddies are also in Drew's kindergarten class!

The coaches manage this big group of 5-7 year olds very well. I couldn't believe how smoothly the whole thing went. The students do their warm-ups, listen to announcements, and then run 2-3 laps around the field.

Drew was so excited to receive his first "bear foot." He wears the chain to school

And, the running club motto:

You gotta love that!

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