Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What's Not To Like?

Drew has now been in kindergarten for about a month. And, I'm just so happy to tell you that he loves it! He has an amazing teacher, he's made several friends, he has learned how to write his name, he is a pro at cutting with scissors, and he loves his "specials" classes (PE, Art, Music, and Computers).

His teacher sent me an email yesterday about room mom stuff, but she also added that Drew has been very motivated this week.

Only, she referred to him as Andrew because that's what they do in kindergarten. They shun the nickname and insist that the children learn to write and respond to their full name. Now Drew tells us all that we should call him Andrew, and when he introduces himself to someone he does it as Andrew.

I should get the hang of this by 3rd grade.

Anyway, Drew has been thriving in all areas lately and this felt like a good opportunity to brag on him a bit.

Drew is a car rider (or, as he says, a van rider) and there are several teachers that assist with car line. His favorite is one of his PE coaches - he just thinks she hung the moon.

Last Friday, as Drew (sorry, I mean Andrew) climbed into the car she said to me, "You know, I've never seen another student that is so happy to be here." I replied, "Oh, well you are his favorite so I'm sure you get all the extra smiles."

"That's really nice," she said, "but it goes beyond that. He always has a great attitude and a smile on his face."

Then, on Monday I dropped him off with a different teacher. He jumped out of the car all smiles and said to the teacher, "Good morning! Are you having a great day today?"

After greeting him and sending him on his way with a pat on the back she leaned into the car and said, "He's always very happy to be here. It's so refreshing."

He's getting great feedback from Sunday School too. The teachers are usually different each week, but each one always comments about his manners. When we ask how he did during class they always reply with something like, "Oh, he's Mr. Polite." or "He has such great manners." And, one day I ran into one of the young helpers from his classroom in the church bookstore. She walked over to me and said, "I just wanted to tell you that your son is so polite."

It is the same with baseball - his sport for the fall. This is Drew's first team sport and he is loving it! He gives so much effort at practice both with the team and at home with daddy. He is learning and improving and very excited to be playing baseball. The coach sent me an email after the first practice that said Drew had "great enthusiasm and great manners."

And, finally, I took Drew for a haircut last week. As he was finishing up, a mother walked in with her two daughters (I later learned they were in 1st and 4th grade at his school). The older daughter said to her mom, "I like that boy's haircut. He is so cute." The younger one chimed in "Oh, I like his shirt. He looks cool." I smiled to myself as I eavesdropped on the compliments.

My baby is growing up faster than I can keep up with. The journey has been filled with many bumps in the road, just as it is for all children. But, it is a wonderful thing to see him embrace life with happiness, treat adults and children with respect, and to hear others admire him.

It's a good thing for this mama's heart.

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Anonymous said...

So happy to hear that he is doing so fantastic. And actually, I like his shirt too! It is cool.

Anyways, I will be home the next three weekends or so... I would love to see my babies. And maybe I will bring a Wii treat for them. Call me tomorrow afternoon to remind me if you can!

Aunt Anna