Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve

Well, things are finally starting to get back to normal around here. The decorations are all put away. The playroom is re-organized with all of the new toys. The house is clean and Matt goes back to work tomorrow after a week off.

It was a fantastic week filled with many Christmas activities. I took over 350 pictures, so it's taken me a few days to get them all edited and ready to share. Here are some of my favorites from Christmas Eve when we celebrated with my side of the family.

The kids were all dressed up and ready to go to the Christmas Eve service at church. They were very excited because they were going to be able to come to "grown up" church since there was no child care for the Christmas Eve services. However, their excitement quickly turned to squirminess as they realized that "grown up church" is long and filled with lots of talking. There was lots of music though and the kids enjoyed singing along to the songs that they knew. By the time they got to Silent Night, Abby had fallen asleep in her chair with Aunt Anna's arm around her. I took an adorable picture of it with my mom's camera, but I forgot to load it onto my computer. You'll just have to trust me - it was ever so sweet.

Anyway, here we are all dressed up!

Back at the house, we began opening presents right away! I love Abby's reaction to Drew's Gator uniform from Aunt Anna and Uncle Adam. Her enthusiasm never waned.

Drew and Abby made sure everyone had help opening their gifts. Translation: If you were over the age of 5 then you did not get to unwrap anything!

Here, everyone has a big reaction to Anna's new pair of jeans. Exciting stuff!

But, not nearly as exciting as the new Fancy Nancy book Abby got from Uncle Adam. She was ecstatic! (That's a fancy word for excited.)

Grams, not to be outdone by any of this nonsense, gave Drew and Abby their gift next. They were shocked that they got a Wii. In fact, I don't think they quite "got" it at first. It was a box and we told them it was the Wii, but it seemed like they didn't believe us because they just kind of stared at it for a long time.

Then, Abby opened her princess game and she began to realize that this Wii was for real.

And, Drew opened his Lego Star Wars game and FLIPPED OUT! It was the best reaction of our entire Christmas. He was BEYOND thrilled and he wanted to stop opening gifts right then and there and go play his game.


Big hugs were given to the bestower of the Wii.

Uncle Adam is on a snowboarding trip so he needed lots of cold weather supplies.

Abby was kind enough to model the hat she gave him for his trip.

Kyle gave Aunt Anna a ski trip! They will go in February. She was totally surprised and it was so much fun because I knew about it all along!

Uncle Austin did a great job handing out the gifts from under the tree. I think his favorite gift was his fancy sunglasses!

We took a break from opening presents to go wave to Santa as he rode on a fire truck around the neighborhood.

Abby collected as much candy as she could from Santa.

Bye, Santa! Good luck delivering all those gifts!!

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