Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Day

After lunch on Christmas day, we drove to Tampa to visit with Matt's side of the family. The kids love going to Aunt Denise and Uncle Matt's house because they LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their cousins! They were also going to get to see Uncle Joe, Grandma, and Grandpa so they knew it was going to be a fun day. Plus, there was going to be a sleepover and that is so much fun for them that they could hardly stand all the anticipation!

As soon as we got there they got down to business - opening presents! They opened the gifts from Uncle Joe first. He is so great at picking out things the kids like and he hit another home run. Drew got a pirate treasure chest and Abby got a ballerina June from Little Einsteins - they loved them!

Next, Drew wanted to give his present to Ryan. Ryan got a train table for his birthday so Drew gave him Sir Topham Hat and Porter to go with all of his Thomas the Train stuff. This was Drew's favorite Christmas gift a few years ago and Ryan seemed to love it too!

I loved watching Drew this year as he discovered the joy in giving. He couldn't wait for everyone to open the presents he had picked out and wrapped for them.

And, even though she is only three, Abby certainly enjoyed giving to others as well. She came out of Sunday School one morning telling me the most important thing she learned that day was "Christmas is all about giving. And Jesus."

She earned a big hug from Ryan who loved the Thomas the Train bath set she gave him!

Grandma and Grandpa love having all of their children and grandchildren together. It makes for fun photo opportunities like this -

Every year, Matt's parents just ask for gift cards to restaurants. They (especially his dad) love to go out to eat so it's the perfect gift for them. This year I wanted to have a little fun with them as they opened their gift. Look at his dad's face - he's so confused. I know he's thinking, "What the heck is in this big box? I don't want this! Where is my Outback gift card?!"

Once they dug underneath all the tissue paper they found their gift cards all wrapped up for them. They thought it was funny and I definitely pulled one over on them!

Grandma and Grandpa got Drew and Abby a keyboard for Christmas. It is really nice and I think they are going to love learning how to play it!

Oh, how they love their new baby cousin. These kids just love babies - especially Abby. She is so maternal - wanting to feed him, help change his diaper, kiss his cheeks, and play with him. It's so fun to watch them with baby Tyler.

Matt and I in front of Denise and Matt's beautiful Christmas tree!

Matt and his family -

And, our little family on Christmas Day.

We had a great dinner (thanks to Matt's mom) and let the kids play with their toys for awhile before bed. Matt's mom gave the kids Santa hats and they put on a show for all the grown ups. They played musical instruments and danced to Christmas music - it was adorable!

Finally, it was time to sleep.

They had plenty of wonderful Christmas memories to dream about.

At least that's what I thought.

Until two days later when Abby asked me, "Mom, is it almost Christmas again?"

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