Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Morning

The kids woke up around 6:30. They were thrilled to see that Santa had visited our home, left lots of presents, and had eaten his milk and cookies.

It was just the four of us that morning so we started opening gifts right away. This was the first year that our little family was alone on Christmas morning, and though I love to have all of our extended family with us, it was really special just to share it with the kids and have them all to ourselves.

They wanted me to open the presents from them first. They were so proud to have wrapped them with Daddy's help. Drew got me a Disney scrapbook album.

And Abby got me lots of Disney paper and stickers to use in the album!

Next, they wanted to open the presents from Mommy and Daddy. Here, Abby is opening a princess frame I got for her special picture with 3 of the Disney princesses - she loved it!

And, Drew opened a baseball frame with a picture of him holding his game ball standing next to his favorite coach!

Then, it was Daddy's turn to open his present from the kids. He got an Urban Meyer book.

He was happy.

Then I told him to open the cover.

And he pulled out a ticket to the National Championship Game!!!

He was VERY happy.

I got to open a present that Abby made for us at preschool. It was an angel she made using her handprints. I loved it!

Abby was quite adamant about the two things she REALLY wanted for Christmas. Buster the dog (from Tigger and Pooh) and a princess watch. She got both and she was quite pleased.

Drew loves anything Star Wars/Clone Wars and he really loved his new Leapster 2!

Of course, Abby had to have a princess one as well!

The presents under the tree had all been unwrapped, but they were excited when we reminded them they still had full Christmas stockings to open!

Then, the sweetest thing happened. Drew had opened two of his stocking stuffers when all of a sudden he stood up and started walking away from the rest of his gifts. I asked him where he was going and he didn't answer. He got his Daddy's stocking and took it over to where Matt was sitting. He handed the stocking over with a big smile on his face.

He never said a word.

But, I guess what they say is true - actions speak louder than words.

His thoughtfulness made our hearts so very happy.

After every present had been unwrapped, the first thing they wanted to do was play the Wii!

Daddy and Drew love playing tennis. Drew is actually quite good. He has some trick (that none of us can figure out) and he serves the ball so fast that it is always an ace. We call it his "super serve."

I've tried my best (at least half a dozen times) and I still haven't won a game of tennis with him.

Yeah, it's pretty embarrassing.

Abby also wanted to play her new princess game. Three days after Christmas they had already won the entire game!

Drew really wanted a toy robot from Santa and since he was such a good boy this year he got just what he wanted!

Santa also brought lots of new games. We opened Hungry Hungry Hippos first! It was a big hit!

Merry Christmas, sweet family.

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