Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Party At The Patterson's Pool!

I've mentioned how much the kids have been enjoying the pool this summer. One of our favorite Sunday activities has been to head over to Sherilyn and John's house after church and then go to their neighborhood pool. Drew and Abby love playing with their friends and the pool is awesome. And huge. And it has a water slide. A really fast, really curvy, really cool water slide.

Drew was hooked from day one. I lost count of the number of times he went down the slide that first day. He must have been exhausted from climbing up all those steps over and over and over. But, he loved it! And he did it all by himself, brave little guy that he is.

Abby was quite content to watch from the sidelines while I took pictures. She only went down the slide once and that was because she was sitting on my lap.

But, she sure does love it when her daddy throws her in the air!

Uncle Austin joined us this past Sunday. We had worn him out by the end of the day! I think he had plans for relaxing by the pool, but my kids had other plans for their uncle...

Did I mention they also have this water fountain?

Abby spends half of her time in the pool asking to go over to the mushroom fountain.

I don't know how often we've been over there this summer, but I know it's been a lot. We have a great time with our friends - the Patterson's are a rockin' fun family.

But, it's also been really great quality time for us as a family while we play in the pool.

Just look at these kids swim!

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Anonymous said...

Look at Abby's pointed toes! I see a dancer in our future!

xoxo Aunt Anna