Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We Love The Wii

My mom bought a Wii.

Her house just became exponentially more popular.

Tropical Storm Fay kept us out of school 3 days last week. The Wii ensured that I used those days to turn my children's brains into mush. We played it for hours.

Yes, hours.

I was not prepared for how much we would all love it. Or, frankly, how addicting it is.

Wow - Drew looks like he's having a blast!

But, you've still gotta concentrate if you want to win...

And, he did win! This kid got tons of strikes and spares. Check out that bowling ball in the center of the lane -

Drew thought his kid sister wouldn't be able to do it, but she hung in there with the rest of us. Proof that even a 3 year old can work this thing.

Aunt Anna tried to show them good bowling form.

Instead, they would wildly throw their arms over their heads. It didn't matter though - their strategy worked. And they celebrated each and every time...

I present to you - the 2020 Olympic Wii team!

After bowling we moved on to Mario Kart.

Drew improved with each game he played, but Abby had a little more trouble. It helped that she got to drive the "princess car." It also helped that Grams has an unending supply of M&Ms at her house.

This game belongs to Aunt Anna though, so it just went back to law school with her. I don't think she'll have time to play Mario Kart at law school. Just because she got a job offer doesn't mean she can slack off in her studies. She must have papers to write and 35 books to read.

Aunt Anna - send Mario Kart home! Please!

And then I finally managed to get a turn. And then I couldn't stop until I won. Until I was the best. Until I was the champion.

Or, until I needed to take my kids home for dinner lest my husband realize I let them spend 3 hours at Grams' house playing video games...

So, one last game with my Drew and then we finally called it a day.

I don't have to disclose who won that game. You can't make me.

And, then I called my mom Friday night around 9pm. It was girls night out and we had just finished dinner. We weren't ready to go home yet, but we didn't know where we should go.

I casually mentioned that my mom got a Wii. So, we made the call and invited ourselves over. We stayed for a few hours. Austin was there too, so we all took turns bowling, boxing, and playing tennis.

Gone are the days of nights out dancing or getting a drink at a bar. We spent our girl's night out playing the Wii. I guess I should be embarrassed to admit that, but we had so much fun that I don't care!

And, we didn't have to recover from a hangover the next day.

Although, I think we were all pretty sore from the tennis and boxing.

It's all about trade offs, people. All about trade offs.


Anonymous said...

You can't have Mariokart! What the heck would Kyle do when he comes to visit?!! I'll make sure I bring it home on the weekends though!

AND, maybe, if you're lucky, I'll "accidentally" leave it there for a couple weeks sometime!

Aunt Anna

Anonymous said...

Is it really pathetic that my right arm was not only sore Saturday but Sunday as well? I guess we are getting OLD!


Anonymous said...

I thought you said you spent the afternoon at the library...hey!

Glad Grams got the Wii, certainly a lot of fun during a stormy afternoon.

Love, Matt

Anonymous said...

Awwww. I've been trying so hard to hold out until Christmas. You're making me want to get one now. Have fun!

-Amy from Texas