Monday, April 28, 2008

The Red, Red Rose

If you read this blog often you might be good and tired of Disney stories.

If so, I apologize and you may skip this one. However, I warn you, it's way cool.

We have passes to the Disney parks and we go at least once a week. Magic Kingdom is probably our favorite, but Hollywood Studios is a close second. It's my favorite place to go when Matt can't join us because it's not as crowded and it's not as overwhelming that I'm outnumbered by the children.

Stop it. I'm not scared.

Just practical.

Anyway, we ALWAYS see the Beauty and the Beast show. It's just good theatre. I love it just as much as the kids do, and I can't say the same about other shows or rides at Disney.

Sometimes it takes everything I have just to hold it together on the 435th showing of the Carousel of Progress.

Moving on...

We love Beauty and the Beast. But, we always leave envious of one little girl - the girl chosen to receive the rose from the Prince at the end of the show. We have never known how she is chosen - we just know that Abby always asks, "Why can't I get the rose, mama? I really, really want the prince to give ME the rose." Drew backs up his sister with equal passion, "Abby is a princess. Abby needs to get the rose. Let's go sit up front so my Abby can get the rose. And then I can hold it. Right? Right?"

My friend Marci and I have gone to great lengths to have our own little princesses chosen for this great honor. We really did dress Abby and Sherilyn like this on a trip to Hollywood Studios a few months ago.

And we might have even had them perform some key dance scenes from the show on the sidewalk outside the theatre.

Marci and I don't even worry that we are totally responsible for any setbacks to the feminist movement. Our girls loved to be twirled by their Prince.

Still, no rose. Some little girl in a High School Musical Shirt took the honors that day.


Well, we were there a little over a week ago and Abby was proudly wearing her new Belle shirt courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa. A cast member approached us and asked Abby if she would like to meet Belle and the prince at the end of the show.

You could have heard a pin drop. My daughter didn't say a word. I could tell the lady was about to give up on Abby and a possible case of stage fright when I hurried to reassure her that Abby would LOVE to be part of the show. So, the cast member handed us a ticket to receive the "red, red rose" and sit in the front row for the show.

Here she is calling Daddy to tell him all about it.

A practice run before the big show.

Okay, here comes the video. Let me preface by saying that Abby kept expressing concern that the Prince would take the rose back right after the show ended. She wanted to make sure she could take it home with her and "keep it forever on my wall...and show it to Sherilyn next time she comes to my house."

Most of the little girls we have seen have taken the rose from the Prince and then they stand there for a few moments soaking up all the glorious attention from the royalty.

Here goes nothin'

Did you see her bolt out of there?! My girl wasn't going to let anyone take the rose away from her! She was totally serious about getting that rose after all the times she had watched other girls living her own personal dream.

As soon as she sat back down she looked at me with big eyes and said, "Oh no, mama. I forgot to say thank you."

She cracks me up.

What a fun day! Off for more adventures...

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