Thursday, April 24, 2008

He Sleeps...

I just took this picture a few minutes ago. It is the middle of the day and this boy doesn't nap anymore. However, it's been a rough week and he's got some catching up to do.

He came down with a fever late afternoon on Sunday. He was so miserable that we just ended up putting him to bed at 5:30.

I won't go into all the details of the week. Some are repetitive and some are just unpleasant. Suffice it to say there have been very high fevers, vomiting, a double ear infection, two trips to the pediatrician, and one trip to Night Light Pediatrics for IV fluids.

He has mostly been sad and in lots of discomfort. Yesterday (Wednesday)was the first day that he ate anything since lunch on Sunday - and that was only a little bit of applesauce. He didn't drink at all Monday or Tuesday (which was why he needed the fluids) and is still only taking in small amounts of water. The fever cycles with the Motrin doses and I just can't believe how hot he's getting each time.

My heart just hurts for my little boy. As the mommy, I hold him as we wait for each appointment and soothe him when he cries. I plead with him to be brave and I whisper how much I love him while they take blood and hook up the IV. I comfort him when he can't sleep and worry about when he will feel better. I press a cool washcloth to his face and change his sheets as he sweats through them. Sweet daddy even uses a medicine syringe to get him to take the water that he doesn't want to drink because he is afraid it will make him sick.

We get glimpses of our funny boy as each fever breaks and he feels better for an hour or two. He amuses us with the cute things that he says and does. After several hours of IV fluids, he was feeling better at the clinic and he had the nurse giggling at his sense of humor. He grew to like "this funny doctor place" and asked if we could come back every night so "my arm can drink instead of my mouth."

We are all praying that he will get much better as soon as possible. We want him to be healthy and happy.

And, for heaven's sake, we just want to sleep through the night!

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Tara said...

So sorry to hear about your sweet Drew. We'll pray for a speedy recovery.