Friday, April 25, 2008

...And Then He Woke Up

His fever had returned at 103 and he was refusing to drink or take any Motrin. He was burning up and his lips had cracked again and begun to bleed. I called Matt in a panic and he insisted I take Drew to the emergency room - enough was enough. Thankfully, my wonderful friend Danielle was able to get Abby from school and keep her all afternoon.

My friends are the greatest.

We made it to the ER and a triage nurse saw us right away. His fever was up to 103.5 and I heard her tell another nurse that we needed a bed before the two people in front of us. She called our case "severe."

We were in a room a few minutes later and got everything started: they took blood, started the IV, took Drew for chest x rays, and gave Drew some Zofran for nausea. We settled in with the portable DVD player expecting only to stay for a few hours of fluid.

The doctor came back in and said Drew would need to be admitted to stay overnight. The lab work had come back and revealed severe dehydration. His carbon dioxide level was 13. Apparently, 22 is normal and anything under 18 they begin to worry. Drew was going to need fluid all night in order to restore appropriate hydration to his little body.

At that point, my mom came with dinner, some extra things we would need, and moral support. We were moved upstairs at 10pm, the doctor came in at midnight, they checked Drew's vitals at 4am and they took more blood at 6am. Each interruption resulted in awful tantrums from Drew - he had had enough and he let everyone know it. He was tired, he felt awful, and he could not get any consistent sleep. It was a long and frustrating night with no new information. They could not figure out what was causing this so they finally concluded that it must be viral.

My mom came again this morning to help and they disconnected the IV around 10am to see if he could start drinking on his own. They were ready to discharge him, but he still didn't look well to me. His eyes still had that vacant stare they get when he is sick and his lips were still scabbed and bleeding.

I was finally able to get him to eat a little applesauce and he continued to take sips of water. He began to look a little better and talk a little more so it looked like he was beginning to feel better. They discharged us around 1pm. He was able to walk out holding my hand (rather than me having to carry him) and he enjoyed exploring the hospital. There was a huge castle that he described as "amazing, really amazing" and a train display at which he observed, "I can't believe they know I like trains so much they bring it here for me!" He delighted in calling people on the way home to tell them, "I coming home! I finally coming home!"

Have I mentioned how much I adore this kid and the hilarious things that come out of his mouth.

He seems to be doing well. He's eaten a little and been drinking some juice. I gave him a bath and he's watching his favorite movie. We're hoping that a good night's sleep will help him feel much better.

I cannot thank you enough for your good wishes, prayers, and support. Specifically, my mother in law who came to stay and help us this week, my mom who helped at the hospital and here this afternoon, Danielle who watched Abby yesterday, my sister who babysat Abby this morning, and the many other friends who have called with sweet words and generous offers of help - Matt and I appreciate all of you so very much. It is a great feeling to know we have so much support and such wonderful family and friends. We are so blessed.


Aunt Kris said...

He's a great little guy and I am very grateful to God that he is ok. He'll stay in my thoughts and prayers as always. Call me if you need anything.

Love,Aunt Kris

Denise said...

We have been so worried about you, Drew! We called your parents and Grandma several times a day for updates on your status. We are so glad that you are home and are starting to feel better. We love you and cannot wait to see you!
Love, Aunt Denise, Uncle Matt and baby cousin Ryan