Thursday, March 12, 2009

Guess Who?

The new "game of choice" around here is Guess Who.

Star Wars Edition.

It must be pretty clear by now that almost everything we do around here seems to somehow involve Star Wars. In fact, Abby and I spent the day together Saturday while Matt and Drew went to Tampa to watch the Yankees play the Braves. Late in the afternoon, after playing with her baby dolls, I asked her if she wanted to watch a movie. Since her brother wasn't around, I began suggesting princess movies: Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, etc. She shook her head, adjusted the pink fluffy blanket on her favorite baby doll, frowned, and replied, " about something from the Star Wars Trilogy?"

Oh my word. That child is just too much.

I made the executive decision to redirect our attention to the playroom and we began a rousing tournament of Candy Land.

Because "Gumdrop Pass" and "Rainbow Trail" just felt more appropriate than unending lightsaber duels for my 3 year old daughter.

This parenting gig. It requires much wisdom and sound practical judgement.

Or not.

Anyway, I realize that I've completely digressed from the original intent of this post. Well, not completely, I guess, since I'll still be discussing Star Wars. So, here it goes...

This is my kids playing Guess Who. You played this when you were a kid, but it was a little different. You asked things like "Do you have brown hair?" or "Are you wearing glasses?"

I have to ask things like, "Do you have a green face?" and "Are you a droid?"

They LOVE this game. It's the new favorite and we play it every day. This honor was formally held by the game "Pretty, Pretty Princess." We played that game every day too.

Matt is, in a word, relieved.

He just didn't look right wearing those dangly earrings.

Drew and Abby often like to play as a team against me. They whisper possible questions into each other's ears to get approval and then take turns asking me those questions.

Which, by the way, are never a surprise to me since their idea of a whisper could easily be heard by someone in another room.

I love it though. I think it's so cute that they work together.

On this particular day, Abby whispered to Drew, "Let's ask if her person has a yellow light saber."

Drew replied, "But NONE of them have yellow lightsabers!"

She looked him straight in the eyes, raised her eyebrows, and with a determined look on her face said, "Yeah, well we'll just see about that."

And, let me tell you, that little girl looked shocked when I told her that I didn't have a yellow lightsaber.

Totally shocked.

In hindsight, I suppose I should have let her watch something from the Star Wars saga. Apparently, we need to brush up on her Star Wars trivia.

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