Monday, March 16, 2009

Daddy's Little Girl

We saw the notice in the church newspaper a long time ago and last Friday night it had finally arrived.

The Daddy-Daughter Dance.

As soon as we saw it, Matt and I knew that Abby would love it. She loves dancing, pretty dresses, and, above all, her daddy. It was perfect and we couldn't wait to tell her. We got her a fancy dress for Valentine's Day and then daddy explained where she was going to be wearing the special dress.

She clapped her hands, giggled, and jumped up and down with delight. Then, he explained that one of her very favorite friends, Sherilyn, was also going to the dance with her daddy.

It was simply more than Abby could take. She was beyond excited!!

We waited with great anticipation for the big night. On the morning of the dance, Abby crawled into bed with us and chattered on and on about their special evening ahead. In fact, she told me, "Mama, I just don't think I can go to school today. I should just get ready for the dance!"

Abby loves flowers so we thought this pretty, pink corsage would be a big hit. Her reaction did not disappoint - she loved it!

A practice twirl before the dance!

These fancy girls sure are pretty in pink!

From what I heard, they had an AMAZING time at the dance! There was lots of dessert...

Balloon animals (Abby's is a flower sword)...

And, of course, dancing!

They also had a prayer service. The girls made a promise to live a pure life and the daddies promised to protect them and to be a good role model.

It was an evening that Abby won't soon forget, and I know for sure that her daddy will always treasure that memory.

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The Collins said...

What a precious time! She's absolutely beautiful!