Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Runnin' Bear

Drew is still loving his running club! Thursdays are his favorite day of the week because he can't wait for running club after school. Our Saturday mornings have also been busy with races at different schools in the district. We've only had to miss one race so far - which is a good thing because Drew loves those races!

Here we are at his very first race.

Drew gets to run with other 5 and 6 year old boys. They run about half a mile. There they go!

I asked Abby to pose for a picture while Drew was running and this is what she did - a runner's stretch! This kid cracks me up!

Drew is just about to cross the finish line in this next picture. The coaches always talk to the students about pacing themselves during the race, but finishing strong at the end. Drew always finishes strong and he's so proud when he passes another runner at the very end!

His little sister is his biggest fan. She can't wait to be in running club when she goes to kindergarten.

This is the race that his elementary school hosted. I'm pretty sure we have the biggest running club in the county - 350 students!

They warm up as a group before every race.

We always get a good spot by the finish line so we can cheer for Drew at the very end.

Abby loves to run too!

Crossing the finish line. We are so proud of Drew for finishing every race and doing the very best that he can!

He gets a ribbon at every race. He also gets a little runner to add to his running club chain.

I'm so glad Drew insisted on joining the running club. He really enjoys it, and it's a great school activity for him.

Obviously, we are extremely proud of our runnin' bear!

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