Sunday, February 15, 2009

Because Nothing Says Love Quite Like A Giant Hershey's Kiss

We had a great Valentine's Day! The kids were so excited for their school parties this year, and we had lots of fun making Valentines for our friends and family.

This is such a great holiday for my super-affectionate babies!

I was able to help at Abby's preschool party and there is really nothing better than a 3 year old party. What a fun age! They all decorated these cute boxes (that I covered with white paper the week before) and they had so much fun handing out their valentine cards and candy!

Drew's class decorated these bags and they were filled to the top with lots of goodies. Drew opened all of his cards and immediately gave Abby all of his candy. He kept handing it to her and saying, "Here, Abby, I got this for you!"

These are the heart bowls we filled with goodies for them. Abby loves candy, so it's easy to make her happy.

Drew does not like candy. Even more, he's quite offended that anyone would want to eat junk food that "is not healthy for your body." So, with holidays that focus on candy I have to improvise and get him other fun things.

After I put together their gifts, I realized it seemed a little over the top for Valentine's Day. I mean, really, shouldn't they just be getting a card and some candy?

Then I thought about what my mom used to do for Valentine's Day when we were kids. All of sudden I remembered the year she gave me Dance Reeboks along with my little heart box of chocolates. I still vividly remember how ecstatic I was and how I just knew those Dance Reeboks were going to change my life.

Just like they changed Paula Abdul's.

Anyway, I guess I can blame my mom for setting the gift-giving bar so high.

Moving on...

It won't quite make him an 80's dance star, but Drew loved his Buzz Lightyear pajamas. And, yes, Abby is hugging her giant Hershey's kiss. I told you, the girl likes her chocolate.

Next, she started hugging her fancy dress. She knew about the dress because she had already tried it on. However, what she didn't know was where she was going to be wearing that dress. As part of the gift, Matt told her that he will be taking her to the daddy/daughter dance at church next month so they can get all dressed up and have a special night together. She is beyond excited!

They both got several books. Abby got the newest Fancy Nancy books, and Drew is holding a Clone Wars sticker book. He has barely put it down since that morning. He says that the "Dark Forces" page is his favorite because General Grievous has four lightsabers. And, today in the car, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor when Abby was looking at the book and began telling me about Mace Windu and Emperor Palpatine and their battle. It was too funny to hear all the Star Wars nonsense coming out of her sweet, three year old mouth.

I guess I should have known I had a problem on my hands when she stopped asking to watch Cinderella and started asking to watch "Episode 6."

Both of them also got a motion picture book (it's called scanimation). These books are SO cool and their reactions definitely did not disappoint. They've practically got them memorized by now!

I love Drew's face in this picture. I'm so glad he was pleased with all of his gifts.

Abby was just as pleased with all of her stuff. She was especially delighted with this lollipop that is approximately the size of her head!

Daddy loved his handmade valentines from the kids.

They worked really hard on these and made them all by themselves. I asked Drew what he wanted to write on his card so I could help him spell it out. He replied, "You are my best grown up."

My feelings were a little hurt and I couldn't help but ask, "Really, Daddy is your best grown up? What about Mommy?"

No kidding, that kid patted me on the hand and said, "Well Mama, yes. Yes, he's really my best grown up." And, the little dude even emphasized the word really to make sure to get his message across.

Then, as if he could read my heart, he said, "But, don't worry, Mama. I still love you the most."

And then I made him and his little sister promise that they would always be my Valentines.

Thankfully, they readily agreed.

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