Saturday, February 7, 2009

Gator Championship Celebration

STILL catching up...

We promised Drew and Abby that we would take them to UF for the celebration if the Gators won the national title. And, that's just what we did!

We met up with our friends to tailgate a little before the celebration began. The boys had a great time tossing around the football before we ate our picnic lunch.

Here is a picture of all the dads and kids - so fun!

This was Abby's first time ever at the Swamp! Daddy spent a lot of time teaching her the different Gator cheers and she was so excited to see where the Gators play football!

Here's our little family getting ready to watch the big celebration!

The boys...

And, the girls...

The Pollock family joined us in the stadium which was perfect since Matt and Todd had gone to the game together.

Abby loves Mr. Todd -

Almost as much as she loves cheering for the Gators!

It was very crowded down in the front row, but I used my son's sweet face to secure us a spot right in front just in case any of the players walked by. And, it was definitely worth it. Drew got Joe Haden's autograph on his Gator helmet!

Tim Tebow ran right by us so I was able to get a great picture of him. We were all ecstatic after his announcement that he would return for his senior year with the Gators. Next year should be very exciting!

Abby met one of the Gator cheerleaders and it made quite an impression. She dresses up like a cheerleader all the time now!

Time to go home...

But, it sure was nice to look up at this as we were leaving!

I promise, no more Gator posts for awhile... :)

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