Monday, November 3, 2008

Trick Or Treat!

We have been so excited about Halloween! The kids have loved all of it - getting the costumes, decorating the house, carving the pumpkin, class parties and parades, Halloween crafts, and buying all the candy - they were more than ready for the big night when it was finally time to trick or treat! Here is my very own Luke and Leia-

Drew and Abby usually go to bed very early, so they love any excuse to be outside when it's dark! They weren't shy about running up the doors and ringing the doorbells, but we did have to remind them to say "trick or treat!" And, everyone in the neighborhood loved their costumes - the kids really enjoyed all the attention!

By the end of the night they had baskets full of candy that were too heavy for them to carry! Sweet Drew doesn't even like candy, so after they left each house he would say, "Abby, I got you some skittles!" or "Abby, I got your favorite - lollipops!!" He is such a sweet brother.

The last house of the night was our own. Grams was there to hand out candy so Matt and I could both go trick or treating with the kids. It's really so much fun to watch them and neither one of us wanted to miss out - their enthusiasm is a joy to experience! This is the 3rd year my mom has come over to give out candy for us and the kids love having her there when they get home!

And, they loved handing out the candy to the trick or treaters that came by. They didn't want to go to bed because they were afraid they would miss all the fun!

A happy Halloween, it was.

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