Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Birthday Wishes!

Happy Birthday Aunt Anna! We hope this song will make up for the fact that we didn't get our birthday card in the mail on time (as usual)! I'm hoping you think that this is much better though...

After they sang, I asked them what their favorite thing about Aunt Anna was. Abby said "her pretty hair." Drew said, "playing with Kyle." I'm sure what they both meant was - how much we love her and she loves us!

So, happy birthday to my #1 blog reader and the best little sister a girl could ask for. We love you!

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Anonymous said...

How did you know that the first thing I would do when I turned on my computer is check your blog? I must be much more of a blog stalker than I realize! But its not my fault, law school is incredibly boring.

Thanks for making my birthday better, as I am currently in the library. Fun times.

The Birthday Girl