Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Baseball is in full swing around here.

Get it?

Full swing?

That's the best I can do for an intro after sorting through 300 pictures of Drew playing baseball.

So, let's just get on with the photo fun -

Matt is an assistant coach for the team. He's so good with the kids, and Drew just loves that his daddy is a coach!

Drew's team is the UNC Tar Heels. We're actually pretty happy about that. Of course, our first choice was the Gators, but we played them in the first game and let's just say that team appears to have some experience and leave it at that.

We were happy with the Tar Heels for several reasons. First of all, I wouldn't have been able to take Drew's picture if he was wearing a Seminole or Hurricanes outfit.

I'm sorry if that makes me a bad mom, but it's true.

Secondly, Matt often travels to North Carolina for work and he really likes that area and the people there. In fact, one of his co-workers sent us a Tar Heel magnet for the car when she heard about Drew's team name. How sweet is that? Drew never forgets to put it on the car!

Here's my sweetie getting ready to bat. He was checking out all his fans in the bleachers.

Abby and Sherilyn were excellent cheerleaders - they were so excited for Drew!

Also in attendance was Grams, Uncle Austin, Aunt Anna, Kyle, and the entire Patterson family! Uncle Adam surely would have been there if only I had remembered to tell him about the game - whoops! He's coming this week though and Uncle Joe came to watch Drew last week. In fact, Uncle Joe was able to see Drew hit a double without the tee!

Clearly, my boy has some fans.

Ok. Here's how it went down for this game.

Daddy and Drew are watching the play before Drew's turn at bat.

Getting a little help with his form...

Ready for the pitch!

At this age they get 5 pitches from the coach and if they don't get a hit then they get an opportunity to hit it off the tee.

Here's Drew running to first base!

He's safe!

Getting a little instruction from one of the coaches - I think he's making sure Drew knows to run to second base.

And there he goes!

And, on and on and so forth and so on to the tune of 300 pictures. Drew on each and every base, running to each base, scoring runs, in the dugout, at bat, in the field, and all his fans cheering him on.

He has been amazing! We are so proud of how much he is improving with each practice and he has such a positive attitude about the game. He's thrilled to be a Tar Heel, to play ball with his daddy and teammates, to have family and friends come watch him play - he loves all of it!

Anna, Kyle and Abby had fun watching him play-

Grams and Drew show us how many runs Drew scored for his team!

A big hug for our baseball star!

And, of course, Drew's biggest fans of all...

Gooooo Tar Heels!!

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Anonymous said...

FINALLY! I've been waiting so patiently for that post! I'm so proud of Drew and his baseball skills. Can't wait to catch another game. Get is?... Catch.