Friday, October 3, 2008

Live Action!

Drew had another game tonight and this time I took some video of my little baseball star.

Who needs the tee?

Not Drew! Here he goes to second base - I just love watching him run!

He loves to "score points" for his team! Watch him pat the other player on the head after he scores his run. I could just eat him up with a spoon...

Aunt Anna and I headed to the dugout to congratulate him. He was telling all his buddies, "I scored a point for our team...for the Tar Heels...I scored a point for us!" They all high-fived him and jumped up and down with excitement.

Drew had lots of fans watching him tonight - Grams, Uncle Joe, Kelly, Aunt Anna, Kyle, and Uncle Adam. The same Adam who was well known for hitting home runs on this very field many years ago!

Whoops - did we forget someone?

There's my girl! She had so much fun tonight with her people. She took turns playing with everyone - she's quite the charmer when she wants to be! And, she sure didn't want to be left out of Drew's fun picture.

The lighting in this next video is awful (it was dark outside after the game) but I love his precious voice!

I love that our family comes out to support this little guy.

He yells from the field, "Hey mama, everyone, cheer for the Tar Heels!"

We all cheer loudly and he beams with pride.

It's a fun thing to watch... if I do say so myself.


Sandy said...


I found your blog when you won the Pioneer Woman contest a while back. I was surprised to discover that you live only an hour northeast of me, and that we have a few things in common. We both love Disney and the Gators (my husband I are alumni) and I just won a Pioneer Woman contest yesterday (the printer she gave away).

I enjoy seeing your kiddos in action on your blog. They are really cute. And thanks for all the fun Disney stories; it truly is one of the happiest places on earth for us too.


Christina K said...


I nearly cried watching Drew play baseball. Please tell him we are all so proud of him!

Love you guys!
Christina K.