Friday, October 24, 2008

Fruit Or Vegetable?

That was the raging debate at our house last Saturday as we carved pumpkins.

And by raging debate, I really just mean that it came up in conversation. Sometimes I feel as if I should try to add a little drama to the blog, okay?

Anyway, Matt and I said fruit. Anna and Kyle said vegetable. Google would provide the answer, but it was nice to see that the couples were sticking together on this important issue.

The only reason I didn't know the answer immediately is because I make it a point to know nothing about pumpkins. I don't want to be responsible for picking one out, scooping out the insides, or carving it. I don't want to know that it will rot on your front porch within 24 hours and bugs will start flying around it and then your kids will ask a few times each subsequent day about where the pumpkin went and why, again, did we have to throw it away?

And, no, I don't want to roast the seeds, make soup, or some pumpkin bread. And, I've never in my life tasted pumpkin pie. I just don't see the appeal, you know, like the rest of America does.

The one thing I do like is watching my children enjoy themselves and then taking pictures of all that enjoyment. Now, that is fun!

First, we had to go to the pumpkin patch to pick out just the right pumpkin...

We looked around for less than a minute and then Matt reached down and picked up a perfectly sized and shaped pumpkin. I could tell he was proud of himself and thinking maybe, just maybe, we could pay for our pumpkin and head home.

Instead, we paid for the pumpkin, put it in the car, and went back to the pumpkin patch for all the photo opportunities!

Finally, it was time to carve pumpkins!

Aunt Anna and Kyle (some dude that hangs around my sister all the time) joined us for all the fun. Anna had Kyle get a pumpkin carving kit before he came over and it turned out to be so helpful! The tools were great and made the carving so much easier.

He also brought over lots of beer, but that doesn't really seem relevant to the story, does it?

Check out Drew's face in this next picture. He was not impressed when the top of that pumpkin came off. In fact, he was completely disgusted with the way it looked and smelled. I can't blame him on the smell thing though - it did smell awful. He ran away from the table and busied himself with some Star Wars toys until the insides were all scraped out.

That boy is just like his mama.

Abby, on the other hand, was undeterred. She dug into that pumpkin with great enthusiasm! She had a blast, but she did continually comment on the insides as she scooped them out. She would hold up a spoon full of pumpkin and say, "Eeeewww, gross. This is disgusting. Yuck." And she would make this awful face as she dumped the pumpkin guts into a bowl. Then she would get a huge smile on her face as she nearly put her head back in the pumpkin to repeat the entire process.

She is a funny kid.

We convinced Drew to come back to watch Daddy carve the face. Abby continued to dutifully stir her pumpkin seeds.

And here are the finished products!

Aunt Anna and Kyle's -

And our jack-0-lantern-

Great job, honey!

And, by the way, a pumpkin is a fruit.

Don't say I never taught you anything...

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Anonymous said...

amy, i have to say that i agree with you about that pumpkin thing. i never cared much about eating or carving them either. (so i guess you came by that part honestly!) thank goodness matt enjoys it, because seeing all those wonderful pictures of the pumpkin-picking-out and carving thing is wonderful! HAPPY BOO DAY! love, mom