Thursday, September 11, 2008

Please Don't Show This To Her Sunday School Teacher

I was at my mom's house for about 15 minutes yesterday. I had finished early with an important "business lunch" and had some time to kill before I had to pick Abby up from school. My mom's house is very close to Abby's school and it often has many chocolate options available at any given time.

It just seemed like the best place to go.

There wasn't much chocolate (where were the fun-size Milky Ways, mom?) but I did notice her camera out on the counter. Now, my mom rarely uses her camera so I figured something worthy of pictures must have happened recently.

I turned on the camera and found several pictures of my brother in a tux.

Doesn't he look handsome?

He had some fancy-schmancy party this weekend that was a black tie affair. I don't think I've ever been invited to a black tie event. In fact, I was sitting right next to Austin when he asked Anna if she wanted to go to the party with him. She couldn't go because she had a wedding to attend.

I casually mentioned to Austin that he had forgotten to invite me to which he replied, "Well, like I said, it's black tie..." and then he burst into laughter.

I'm thinking maybe I should take back that "handsome" comment.

So, I scrolled through the pictures taken just a few days ago all the while contemplating Austin's extensive social calendar and wondering how I turned out to be the most boring member of my family.

Next thing I know, I see this -

These pictures are from June.

I've never seen them.

I'm assuming my mom was babysitting Abby and they got a little bored. She obviously didn't have the Wii yet or they never would have been bored.

I laughed out loud as I looked at these funny pictures of my sweet girl that I had never seen.

This devil costume belonged to Austin. My mom made it for him to wear for Halloween sometime in the early 80's. I actually remember her sewing that costume for him at our dining room table. I can't believe she still has it after all these years.

Well, I guess I can believe she still has it since I recently made her throw out dozens and dozens of magazines from the 1980s that she said had "really good articles that I still want to read someday."


Back to the issue at hand.

I knew I had that Halloween picture so I looked through photo albums last night and found it!

So, who do YOU think is the cuter devil?

I think the answer is quite clear...

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Anonymous said...

it's not so hard to believe that such a cute little devil grew up to be such a handsome grown-up devil. miss abby grace can certainly give her uncle austin a run for his money in the cutest little devil contest, but i choose to believe them both winners! love, grams