Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm Thinking Of Changing The Name Of The Blog To "Star Wars Anecdotes."

I know you are used to seeing video such as this on the blog-

It doesn't get boring to me. After all, I spent 9 good months of my life growing that little person.

It excites me to no end that he is a skilled Padawan - the force is clearly strong with him.

However, what you haven't seen is this-

That's right, beloved reader(s).

Abby is now "brave of Darth Vader."

She told me last time we went to MGM that she was ready to participate in the Jedi Training Academy. But, she chickened out at the last minute and I really couldn't blame her. That Darth Vader dude is pretty scary.

I guess she got tired of being left out though because she was quite enthusiastic when they asked for volunteers. She earned herself a spot right on the front of the stage.

Drew is right behind her and our little friend Sherilyn is on the left side of the picture, also in the front.

Marci and I couldn't believe that all three of them were picked. We silently thanked Yoda that we didn't have to deal with the tears that would certainly have come if one of them had been left out.

Here, the Master is explaining to Abby that Darth Vader is a little bit taller than she is so she better aim high with her light saber.

My sweet, little angel didn't even flinch. She nodded her head and accepted her mission with a very serious look on her face.

This is where I fully expected her to back out.

But, she rocked it!

She was very proud of herself for earning her first Jedi Training Diploma.

It goes without saying that Drew has a whole new level of respect for his little sister.

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