Monday, June 16, 2008

A "Choice" She Finally Approves Of...

We talk about "making good choices" everysingleday at our house. It's all regarding the usual stuff that you would expect: listening to mommy and daddy, good behavior, respecting others, eating healthy food, etc., etc. and so forth and so on.

However, Abby has begun to apply the concept in a whole new way. More specifically, in showing displeasure with the choices that I make during the course of the day. Yesterday, I told Drew to stop doing something (can't even remember what it was) and she jumped in with, "Mama, that's not Drew's choice. Now stop telling him that." Translation to plain English would be, "Leave Drew alone and let him do whatever he wants."

This is why we have to talk about this stuff allthetime. It just doesn't really seem to sink in.

A few weeks ago was the real gem. She asks to wear make-up all the time and my standard reply is that she's not old enough yet. Having heard enough of this nonsense, she formed her face into an angry pout and said, "Mama, I don't like the choices you make for me."

We've got 15 years to go. It's a marathon, not a sprint, people.

This past Saturday we attended our fanciest birthday party ever. Princess Sherilyn was turning five and she invited a small group of friends to get makeovers at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Downtown Disney.

Abby was understandably thrilled. She would get to wear her princess Giselle (from Enchanted) dress, have her hair done, nails painted, and she would get to wear make-up for this one special day.

Let's all offer the Lord a handclap of praise!

They started by painting her nails...

And, then they applied the make-up...

All the while they were getting her hair just right - it took several attempts to achieve this level of perfection...

She was quite solemn throughout the whole ordeal. She wasn't unhappy, just very serious. Here, she is starting to realize that they are just about done...

When they were finished, the ladies sprinkled glitter in her hair, removed the pink cover from her dress, placed her hands "just so" and turned Abby around for her first glimpse in the mirror. Abby's face broke into a huge, satisfied smile. It was adorable.

They helped her down from the chair and she came over to me. Not even a minute later she said, "I just have to see myself again" and she ran back over to the mirror to check herself out.

She was quite pleased.

The girls had a great time comparing nail polish, lipstick choices, and generally approving of each other's overall appearance.

Abby kept twirling and posing and rushing off to look at herself in the mirror again and again.

It is official. She now wants to be a princess when she grows up. I don't know if this is better or worse than her previous answer to that question.

"Abby, what do you want to be when you grow up?"

Her answer: "Married."


Here are the girls as the walked around Downtown Disney. They drew lots of stares and compliments and they loved every single minute of it.

And, of course, here she is with her favorite two princes.

Daddy and Drew thought Abby looked beautiful. They weren't there during the whole make-over because Drew and Sherilyn's brother, John, were given gift cards to the Lego store. They shopped for toys while the girls got all fancy schmancy and stuff. Drew racked up some serious Star Wars Lego loot. He loved it!

He's always a good sport though, and loves being Abby's prince.

It was an unbelievably fun day! Abby was totally in her element - she LOVES this princess stuff. Drew had a great time with Daddy and then they spent the afternoon together building his new Lego toys.

Like I said...fanciest birthday party ever!


The Collins said...

Just found your blog through Jen D. and have loved catching up on your kiddos! What sweet pictures. we've just moved back--hope to see you soon.
Beth C

Tara said...

I just love her sweet serious face. What a beauty.

Anonymous said...

Amy, I cried when I saw this blog update. She is so cute. And she looks exactly like Savannah at that age! I have an exact replica of the picture of her standing in front of the mirror when Savannah was the same age. Savannah had just gotten her hair and make up done for a recital. Awww, she's a senior this year! Love you, Tracy