Saturday, June 7, 2008

Episode VII - The Quest To Survive Star Wars Mania

I'll just let Drew handle the introduction today...

So, that's about it. We were headed to MGM Studios (or Hollywood Studios if you want to be all corporate about it) for Star Wars Day. We got the advertisement for it in the mail a little over a month ago. It was right about the time that Drew had really decided he was going to make Star Wars his new "thing." And like any good mama, I make sure he's got plenty going on with his current interests.

We started with Blue's Clues, then Thomas the Train, next was Buzz Lightyear, then Pirates, and now it's Star Wars time all the time. There were other little interests in there over the years, but I think those have been the main ones. We have all the toys for each, have been to a Blue's Clues live show, spent a Day Out with Thomas (twice), have a macked out train table, and more Buzz Lightyear and pirate toys than should be allowed in one home.

And, Abby has not been excluded. She just usually goes along with Drew.

She's cool like that.

But, don't be fooled. The Disney princesses could come live at our house and have enough wardrobe changes and accessories for a lifetime.

Matt would tell you I have a consumerism problem.

I just love watching my kids get super-excited about things they love.

Anyway, back to Star Wars. I was thrilled when I heard about the Star Wars weekends that MGM was hosting throughout the month of June. We had to show up on the first day because it also happened to be the last day before our passes get blacked out for the summer. Matt took the day off from work, Drew missed his last day of school, and we headed off to meet all of our favorite characters.

Abby was a little afraid of Darth Vader so Daddy helped her out.

Abby just loves that Daddy of hers-

Here are my Luke and Leia with the "real" Luke and Leia...

Oh, Abby so loved the attention she got from these two. She really wanted her hair to look like Princess Leia and they both told her how much they loved it. There is no doubt in my mind that she thinks these are the very same people that she sees in the movies. So sweet!

Drew was all about showing everyone his Jedi light saber. The force was with him and he wanted everyone to know it.

And, the day would not have been complete without meeting all the Disney characters dressed up as the Star Wars people. Abby twirled with Minnie and was brave enough to give Goofy a big hug even though he was dressed like Darth Vader.

Drew told them he had to protect Princess Leia Minnie from Stormtrooper Donald and Darth Goofy and they all got into it and played along with him - it was awesome!

Now, we have a 2 month break from Disney.

Whatever will we do?!


Todd Pollock said...

You really gotta give it to old George Lucas. Didn't we get excited about Star Wars when we were kids?

Jenibug7 said...

I clicked a link to your blog from Ali's (we went to grad school with them in New Orleans), and I had to leave a comment to say that I loved reading it! The tooth story just cracked me up- as did the "it's hot in FL" one. :) I'd love to hear more about that linktracker thing you are using too. What is that and how do you get it???

Ali said...

Too much fun!! So great seeing you guys yesterday!! Me and Matt linked up because of the blog... so cool!!

Jen said...

Hey Amy!
It was so great to see you and your precious family too! Got a chance to catch up on your blog tonight! So sweet! I love your love for your kids. Hope to see you soon!