Monday, June 29, 2009

The Sledgehammer

Baseball season has been over for about a month now. But, the tournament games are often still a popular topic of conversation around our home.

Our team was eliminated in the first round of the tournament during the Fall season. The boys had done their best, but we played a very good team and we were outmatched.

However, this season, we played the Cardinals and we were pretty evenly matched with them so we knew we had a chance to win. Our Yankees were winning for most of the game, but the Cardinals caught up and the game had to go into overtime.

We eventually won 17-16! It was very exciting and we were so proud of how hard our boys played. Matt and I were so happy for Drew because we knew HOW MUCH he wanted to win that game - that boy is competitive and a win for the team was a great boost to his confidence!

We made it to the next round which meant we had to play the Marlins. The best team in our division. These players (and their coaches) are serious. I have no idea how often they practice or what those practices must be like, but they are excellent. Our boys were getting good hits, but the Marlins kept getting them out before they could get on base.

Drew got a great hit his first time up but they got him out at first.

It was a little disheartening to be playing well, but not be able to score any runs. The boys handled it well though and we encouraged them as much as we could. The Marlins infield was just way too strong for us - they don't miss.

Ready for the ball at third base!

Drew was up at bat again in the 4th inning. The Marlins had flipped their positions so their stronger players were now in the outfield.

Drew stepped up to the plate and NAILED the ball! In this next picture he's watching how far it goes as he runs to first. I love the expression on his face!

He had smacked that ball and it flew through the air all the way to the back wall where Marlins began to scramble around it. But, Drew still had plenty of time (and we desperately needed to score) so he rounded first and headed to second base.

Do you see all those players going after the ball - it made it all the way to the wall! And it didn't just roll there - it flew! Am I repeating myself? It was just so exciting!!

As he nears second base, it's clear he's going to be safe! It was just the big play we needed to retain a bit of respect as the Marlins were running away with the game.

A well-deserved high five from the head coach!

Ready for more action...

Sliding into home!

He was so happy to score a run in this big game!

The team gathered as they do after each game. I don't know all that was said but I can imagine it was mostly words of encouragement and praise - our coach is wonderful!

But I do know what he said right before this next picture. "The game ball goes to Drew for one of the biggest hits of the season!"

Here's a closer look at the sweet expression on his face. I love this little boy so much!

We were all so very proud, but Assistant Coach Daddy might have been the most proud of all!

And this little girl is his biggest fan!

So, the "biggest hit of the season" earned Drew the nickname "Sledgehammer."

And that's what Coach called him as he presented him with his trophy for the season.

More on that next time...

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