Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bowling Party!

The baseball team got together for a few hours of bowling for our end-of-the-season party. Our kiddos love to bowl so they were very excited!

I love Drew's bowling style. He runs full speed to the lane and throws the ball as hard as he can!

He watches as it rolls and sometimes gives the "thumbs-up" sign if he thinks he's going to knock down a lot of pins. Bowling in real life is a lot harder than bowling on the Wii - during which Drew got 7 strikes in a row the other day!

On this day, my little dude still managed to get a strike and several spares. He looks pretty pleased with himself!

Baseball buddies!

Abby also enjoys bowling, but she's not quite as strong as her brother. She gently places the ball on the ground and then pushes it as hard as she can (which, unfortunately, is not very hard). It takes a loooong time for that bowling ball to make it all the way to the pins.

Fortunately, we got these ramps for the little kids and that helped a lot!

Celebrating after one of her many spares!

Watching the ball with her friend, Riley.

Abby and Riley are great friends! They go to the same preschool, have dance class together, and keep each other company during the baseball games!

After two hours of bowling it was finally trophy presentation time!

Drew's coach called him up for his trophy and said that Drew had done a great job at third base this season. He also said that his hitting has really improved and called him the "Sledgehammer." Drew loved it!

All of the coaches got a team picture that had been signed by all the players. It was such a thoughtful gift!

Go Yankees! What a fantastic season!!

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