Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Vacation That The Blog Forgot...


So, Matt and I went on vacation last month. To Colorado. For the skiing. Without the kids.

I meant to write about our trip, but I just haven't gotten around to it. Last year, Matt kept asking me to send out pictures from our trip in an email and I never got around to that either.

Maybe I have issues about sharing pictures that don't involve my children.

We just aren't quite as cute.

However, the frigid temperatures in Central Florida this week brought back sweet memories of almost freezing to death on vacation this year.

Very sweet, indeed.

Don't get me wrong. I love skiing. I'm just a native Floridian. So, when I'm drinking my hot chocolate in the morning and the weather man in Beaver Creek, Colorado tells me it's -4 degrees outside, well, I started worrying that 64 layers of clothing just wouldn't be enough.

And, it wasn't.

This was our second annual (and last annual) ski trip with good friends of ours (with an awesome bonus couple this year). The ladies and I spent much of the trip planning the cruise we'll take this year for vacation. You know, with the sun and it's glorious warmth.

But, I do love the mountains. There is nothing like being at the top of one of the mountains and taking in the exquisite views around you. And, I've loved skiing since I was a little girl on our family vacations. So, Matt stepped out of his comfort zone to take me on my favorite kind of vacation, and let me tell you, he turned out to be a fantastic skier. I was totally impressed.

The interesting thing about the pictures is you can't tell which year they are from since we are wearing exactly same thing.

Trust me, if you saw the price tags on those ski clothes then you'd be wearing the same thing too.

Last year, we took all manner of pictures, because, LOOK, we were skiing! This year, we realized that frostbite is a very large price to pay for something as trivial as a picture.

We are nothing if not sentimental.

So, I'm going to pick the best photos out of both trips and leave you wondering if they are from this year or last year.

I know the suspense will just take you right to the edge...

So, here's the kind of view I'm talking about. Truly amazing.

And, here we are!

Yep, that's us again. It's just too cute a picture not to share with the interweb.

Ok...down to business. Here I am skiing through some trees. It's like I'm a professional or something.

Matt skiing through the same trees.

These next pictures are right before we got snowed off the mountain in what could only be described as a blizzard. I love how sassy we look!

I stopped halfway down a trail to take this next picture of Beaver Creek Village, which is where we stayed.

Here is Matt doing a jump. Seriously, he did so great for a beginner. I don't think he fell at all this year. (except upon landing this jump)

And, here I am doing the same jump. It's a set of three shots, courtesy of my personal photographer, Kari.

Please hold all applause until the end.

The only shot she didn't get was me wiping out .3 seconds later.

I think I'll call my travel agent...those cruise ships might be getting booked for the summer already.

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