Tuesday, January 1, 2008

If You Own Stock in Disney, Your Welcome.

Or, I could title this post, "Blog O' Pictures." Because there are just that many pictures. And, I tried to narrow them down. I really did. But, it's my blog and I make the rules so I will tell the story of our Christmas with pictures rather than words. And, I better get on with it because it's already New Year's Day!

Here's my sweet firstborn wearing a shirt he made for me at school. It's his handprints! Placed strategically to form a Christmas tree! I shall forever treasure it.

And, here's my sweet baby all ready for her first Christmas recital. Let me tell you, this girl rocks her little ballet class - she is awesome. But, stage fright pays no attention to level of talent.

Believe you me.

And, look! Well, you can't really see what is so I'll tell you. Drew made a snowglobe for me with his school picture in it. Doesn't he look so proud??

Abby made so many crafts this holiday season that we ran out of places to hang them around the house. She said this one was her favorite because "I get to use glue, mama!"

On to Christmas day. This is a picture of Abby at dark-thirty in the morning. She is ready to go as the rest of the world sleeps.

Drew joined us a few hours later.

Everyone is beginning to arrive. Would they hurry up already?!

We had an aunt...

And an uncle...

And, another uncle...

And, a Grams...

Oh, and parents too!!

Let the present-opening begin!

And, here's where you'll begin to be glad that you never sold that stock in Disney. It's been "Disney mania" at our house for a few months now, and Christmas certainly reflected our new interests.
We got the kids season passes to Disney World for Christmas and Grams supplied them with everything else Disney they could ever want or need.
Including these princess dresses - she was beyond excited!

She tried on each dress with the matching pair of shoes. I don't know if she had more fun or if I did.

Drew's big gift from Grams was the monorail and castle set from Disney World. He first played with this at a friend's house about a month ago.
I told Grams it was a must-have after he spent the entire two hours of the playdate enthralled with this set.
His reaction did not disappoint.

Drew's favorite ride at Magic Kingdom is the Buzz Lightyear ride. And, we are huge fans of the Toy Story movies. He loved this costume even more than I thought he would!

I love that he's totally checking himself out in the mirror!

This is their new thing. The dancing. Abby dresses up as a princess and asks Drew to be her prince. They dance, he twirls her, and then he yells "It's midnight!" Abby runs away and kicks off one of her shoes. Drew picks it up and runs after her. She sits down and he places the shoe on her foot and declares it a perfect fit. They live happily ever after.
They love to re-enact all the Disney movies. I woke up this morning to Matt and the kids acting out almost every scene from Aladdin.
Have I ever mentioned that Matt is much more fun than I am?

And, here is some video of them singing Happy Birthday to Jesus.


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