Tuesday, January 8, 2008

In Related News, Disney Stock Continues To Rise.

Disney princesses. Best marketing scheme ever? I think so.

We are immersed in the world of Disney princesses over here and I will admit that it is mostly my fault. But, remember people, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. Or something like that.


It's dress-up time all the time as far as Abby is concerned, and she recently took it to a whole new level. We had the clothes and the dancing down to a science. However, we had a playdate last week with a little girl who taught Abby all kinds of mannerisms and things to say if you are to be a proper princess.

Sherilyn, you rock my world.

So, now Abby twirls endlessly, she curtsies, and she clasps her hands daintily under her chin and says things like "I hope I meet the prince of my dreams" and "If you believe, then your dreams will come true."


We went to Disney on Saturday - along with the rest of the free world. It was so crowded that we took the kids on often-ignored rides like the Carousel of Progress (which they actually ended up liking), the Country Bear Jamboree, and that people mover thing that circles above Tomorrowland. It was on the people mover that I took these pictures of my princess with her first true love.

Though she was wearing her Snow White dress, she chose to re-enact Sleeping Beauty. It's exhausting when you have to spend the day being greeted and complimented by strangers who think you are the cutest thing they have ever seen!

Abby woke up in time for the parade though. It was a good thing too. This was when our frustrating, crowded day took a big turn for the better. We got a front row seat for the parade and I sat Abby up on top of the stroller so she would have a great view. And, everyone in the parade had a great view of her. She attracted lots of attention in her princess dress.

Snow White's float came by and Snow White saw Abby. She waved and blew lots of kisses at Abby and then pointed her out to Dopey who came right over to kiss Abby's hand. It doesn't sound like much, but it was terribly exciting what with all the Disney magic surrounding us. And, if Matt ever tells you that I had tears in my eyes from all the happiness then he is totally lying.

Next came Mary Poppins followed by the chimney sweeps. One of them saw Abby and came over to warn her that the Snow Queen was right behind them and was looking for her! The float with all the villains WAS next and the Snow Queen spotted Abby right away. She was making all kinds of evil faces, but she pointed to Abby and waved to her several times.

After the parade, I took Abby to meet the princesses while Matt and Drew went on a ride. We got in the 45 minute line, a little disappointed because Snow White wasn't there. It was finally our turn in the little room and Abby totally backed out. She got really shy and said she didn't want to meet the princesses. We let people go in front of us until finally we were the last ones of our group in line. I told Cinderella that Abby was feeling shy so she came over to the line to give Abby a big hug. That's all it took. Abby asked Cinderella to watch her twirl and then Cinderella twirled with her - it was so much fun!

Next, Abby met Belle. They talked about the Snow White ride (which was scary to Abby that day) and they talked about which dwarf was Abby's favorite (Dopey).

Abby ran over to Sleeping Beauty next and gave her a huge hug. The shyness was all gone now as Abby wanted to show her how she could curtsy just like a princess. It was precious and everyone in the room was appropriately impressed. Sleeping Beauty taught her how to hold her dress like a princess for the picture.


We were thrilled.

Met princesses, took pictures, gave hugs - mission accomplished.

Then I heard the man who manages the line in the room say, "Excuse me? Snow White? Could you please come over here for a moment?"

We turned around to see all three princesses standing together. The man asks, "Snow White, would you do us the honor of taking a picture with all the princesses? We need a Snow White to complete the picture."

Ummmm, would we mind???

Abby ran over at lightning speed and grabbed Cinderella's hand. She held up her dress just like Sleeping Beauty had taught her and smiled her biggest smiles.

Even Austin, aka, guy who knows everything about Disney characters said that a group shot like this rarely ever happens.

And, friends, the moment was not lost on me.

Oh no, it was not.

Abby waved goodbye to her new friends and we were finally on our way to tell Daddy and Drew all about our experience.

Matt smiled at me as I gushed with excitement - he knew I had as much fun as Abby did. Or maybe even a little more.

As I said...best marketing scheme ever.

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Ali said...

I will never know that world, but it sure is fun to see it through your precious Abby. Can't wait to see the scrapbook pages on those pics!