Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hello, My Dear Sweet Fall!

The weather over the past week or two has just been glorious here in the middle of Florida. We don't really "do" seasons here in Florida - it's pretty much the same all year round. Fall started way back in September for most people, and we are just now getting to it in November.

It was worth waiting for.

We have been outside so much, and we have just been having a great time during these past few weeks of gorgeous weather. One afternoon, during Abby's nap, I took a book outside to read in the sunshine (because it was too chilly in the shade). Abby woke up and joined me for some fresh air.

I loved the way the sun was shining on her hair...

and bringing out the most beautiful shade of blue in her eyes...

You might wonder how I got her to look at me with such intensity...

Yep, m&m's work every time!

And, then Drew joined us to play in the backyard. The sun was setting over the house and I love the effect of the sunlight in this picture. And, they are hugging, so it's just all really great.

And, then we played t-ball. And by "we" I mean I watched while Matt played with the kids. Let me tell you, Drew can play some serious t-ball. He was hitting the ball really well and Abby didn't do half-bad herself. And, there was no sweating or heat exhaustion or anything. We were outside almost the entire day.

Then they took a joy ride in the jeep. Check out Abby with the lollipop. Halloween is officially her favorite holiday...

And then we pulled out the big wheels because nobody wanted to go inside. It was just that perfect outside.

Good times, y'all. Really, good times.

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Anonymous said...

Ok - I seriously laughed out loud several times while scrolling down this blog. The M&Ms are perfect! And the way Abby was eating that lollipop - I just know exactly how much she loves candy - absolutely hilarious! I love being their Aunt and I feel very blessed to be able to know exactly how each word was spoken and exactly how each story you tell played out in real life. Your blog is a much welcomed break from all this law school studying... ugh! xoxox Aunt Anna