Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Did you know that bowling is expensive?? Well, a word of warning, it really is. But, Drew and Abby are lovin' it so much that it is hard to say "no" to one of our new favorite family activities. Our first trip was about a month ago and here is Daddy showing the kiddos how to bowl.

Could you not just eat my kids up with a spoon??!!

Anyway, Abby gave Daddy a big "high five" for his mad skillz when it comes to bowling!

Little did I know that Drew was going to turn out to be a natural. My "sometimes a little hesitant to try a new activity" boy was ready to shock us all!

And, Abby thought the air coming out of the vent was just terrific!

Every part of bowling is fascinating when you are under the age of 5.

I know. I know. That ball is just about as big as she is. But, she carried that ball up to the lane by herself and plopped it down before giving it a push that usually had the ball stopping mid-way down the lane. Daddy quickly became her personal bowling assistant so that we didn't have to spend the rest of our young lives waiting for Abby's ball to arrive at the pins. Still, not bad for a 2 year old.

Drew, however, had no such problem. He ran with that ball and threw it down the lane and it hardly ever touched the bumpers that day. We were amazed. He showed no hesitation and we began to wonder if he might be a natural. After all, it's in his blood. My parents were avid bowlers when I was younger. They played in different leagues and I remember all manner of bowling trophies sitting atop our refrigerator.
I was so proud.
Still am.
Anyway, here's some video of the fearless bowler. A few disclaimers though. When I'm filming these things I'm not really thinking about how they might end up on the internet so forgive the commentary from me. And, it's mercifully short compared to the other looooong video I took that day so, unfortunately, it does not also feature Abby. The other loooong video also shows Drew getting a spare (that's right, a spare). This doesn't even show how many pins he knocks over because I just can't take my eyes off of him.
I've got a lot to learn in the world of cinematography.

Look at that ball - right down the middle! Our second trip proved to be equally as exciting!

Here's Drew working his way through a split. Look at him about to get one of those last two pins. Is anyone enjoying this as much as I am? Hopefully if you are reading this you are either enthusiastic about my kids or enthusiastic about bowling. Otherwise, you have probably moved on to a much more interesting blog right about now.

And, my little sugar here has show some significant improvement since her first bowling experience. This past weekend she actually got a strike and two spares.

I'm not even kidding.

She ended up with a better score than I did.

And, the finesse. Let me tell you. They would throw that ball, kneel down to watch it, and then end up on their bellies as the ball made it's way to the pins.

I can't even make this stuff up.

It is not to be believed.

But, it sure is fun.

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Tara said...

I just played this video of Drew bowling for Jonah and he laughed so hard it made me wish I had a video of his reaction. maybe I should take this little man bowling!