Tuesday, August 7, 2007

It's A Whole New Generation, Folks!

So, ummm, yeah. My kids do yoga. Lest you think for one minute that I'm one of those moms - I promise I didn't teach it to them. We are lucky to pull off a craft project at our house, so we certainly aren't doing a full hour of yoga every morning or anything like that. But, Drew went to this fantastic summer camp that was just perfect for him, and it seems they began every day with something called "Yoga Youngins." Something about warming up the body to help them be more receptive to learning - sounds fancy and super-smart to me, and I was more than excited for Drew to show me all his moves. However, he wasn't very forthcoming with the yoga until recently. Now that he realizes I get giddy with joy during his demonstrations, he's more likely to declare it "yoga time" and show off some of his best stuff. And, if you think for one single second that Abby will let Drew have the spotlight to himself then you have obviously never met my daughter. She's a rock star too! So, I give you : my own little super, duper yoga youngins!

Here they demonstrate One-Legged Downward Facing Dog
(there are adults in my yoga class who don't do this as well as my toddlers!)

Next, we present our Balance Poses

And, I give you a brand new pose invented by Abby Grace:
"The Gangsta Pose"

I took lots and lots of pictures (as usual) and they were more than happy to show off for the camera. Drew wanted me to show him my yoga poses so I joined in on the fun. Next thing I knew, Abby was running to her room. She came back a second later with her princess camera and started taking pictures of me! I was laughing hysterically at her imitation of me. Drew had to take pictures next, so then I got pictures of them taking pictures of me.

I guess it's clear that whenever Matt decides to send me back to work I could have a thriving career as part of the paparazzi. Maybe I could even use the princess camera...

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